Watching the chickens being put ‘to bed’ at the end of the day.



Racing is a ‘New Big Thing’ this week.



There is a free-of-charge little farm in Crystal Palace Park. We’ve visited loads since Arlo was born, but it’s only recently that he’s started paying attention and really enjoying it.

I’m so pleased that he really loves animals at the moment. I know that I was a big animal fan as a young child.

We actually didn’t plan this outing too well. We spent too much time faffing around at home watching the men’s road race after Arlo’s nap. By the time we got there and found that we couldn’t park anywhere, it was almost 3.30 and the farm closes at 4pm. We considered forgetting the farm altogether and going straight to the pub to catch the end of the race, but we had a 21 month old in the back chanting, “Chicken!!…. Rabbits!!” (parenting lesson #582 NEVER tell them where you are going) So, Sam and Arlo jumped out whilst I went to park the car elsewhere.

Usually, I don’t drive to Crystal Palace but as we were running late and two adult train fares would have cost more, we thought it was the better option. By the time I got there, I had ten minutes before closing time and Sam and Arlo had already been round twice, hence the lack of photos of actual animals. Oh, and Arlo was dressed by Dada today.



Crystal Palace Park Farm is open from 12-4pm every day. Closed on Wednesdays.


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