Mum to three boys – nine, six, and three years old. Raising our family in London. Finding our feet after an accidentally early start to family life in our mid-twenties.



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Started in 2011 by me, Chloe Bridge – an unexpectedly pregnant twenty-something Londoner now turned mum of three – Sorry About The Mess is a blog for those seeking meaningful conversation around the subjects of parenting, travel, and finding yourself again after motherhood.

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Sorry About The Mess is a UK family and parenting blog based in London. The blog name generally refers to my state of mind and our cobbled together plans in the early years of unplanned parenthood. But given that we have three young children, it also refers to the state of our house at any given moment!

Sorry About The Mess is where I share my many ongoing journeys. I write about the travels I enjoy with my family, I share the ups and downs of my parenting experiences, and you’ll occasionally find a post or two about whatever I’m currently watching on TV – my one true love ; ) These are my themes; travel, family and motherhood, and ramblings about life in general. 

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  1. I never normally comment on things I read, mainly because I never know what to actually write that sounds any good or that doesn’t make me sound a bit odd but your blog about feeling awkward about meeting new mums and how to talk about how Arlo came to be here struck a chord. My daughter Holly is going to be three in Jan, and I live in a small village, in the arse end of nowhere, so my “mother and baby” groups were in the nearest town, which is quite affluent to say the least. Just after Holly was born – 3 weeks! – my then partner (he’s my husband now) was made redundant, which was great as you can guess it being totally stressful, coping with a new born and worrying about living off of the rubbish stat maternity pay and paying the mortgage – I digress, sorry! I’ll cut to the chase, I made myself attend these groups, with very stuck up, married, mums with husbands who worked no less, and felt so awkward explaining that my “partner” ( hate that term) was unemployed, no we weren’t married and no Holly wasn’t really “planned”. Needless to say we only lasted about three sessions. I just hope you didn’t feel like that for too long. From the little I’ve read you sound like a great mum with a big sense if humour and from what I’ve found in the past three years of being a mum, you need one! X

    1. Thank you for taking the time to comment, it’s nice to hear from someone who feels the same.

      It’s a lot better for me now. As Arlo has got older it’s become easier to talk about how unplanned and unprepared we were without feeling embarassed about the situation. I’ve also got a bit more freedom now that Arlo is a lot more independent from me, I feel I need the mother and baby groups less and less as I can go out in the evenings and socialise with my non-parent friends once more.

      Still not sure I’ll ever fit in with the baby group crowd, I think it’s just not ‘me’.

      1. Hi,

        It’s strange now because Holly goes to pre-school and most of the mums there have two or more kids, the one at pre-school and then an older one that’s at the village primary, so they all know each other and although they are far, far from being unfriendly they all seem so capable and able! They are all older then me too so maybe that’s it? They also all go to the village church and do “churchy” things which we are SO not into!
        Not that there’s anything wrong with that obviously!

        Did you find though that with your friends that weren’t parents you had to catch yourself from constantly doing the “talk about my baby” thing? I did and I swore I would never do that, I could almost see their eyes glaze over with boredom! Most of my friends have kids too so we are quite lucky in that respect that we all probably bore each other to tears….

        Happy new year!

  2. Hi, you have such a sweet and cheerful little boys! I really love children and I hope someday I will raise a bunch of them as you do now.
    I´m studying infant education and Im sure I will love my love as I love children so much.

    Best regards from Huesca (Spain)


  3. Hi Chloe!

    I never post and just read all the blogs that deeply are exactly the way I am feeling. I also start tying and then erase everything because I get nervous about sending anything, or talking about such a sensitive subject. I came across your gender disappointment and I loved it! I have 2 girls and when we found out we were pregnant with my second daughter my mother it laws first comment was “ is Andy (my husband- her son) upset?” What the heck!!! After reading about what you went though it was so reassuring that I was not alone and those feelings of never having a son are real. I did the same thing as you did. I thought how I would never walk down the aisle with my son for his wedding and so much more. I still get the….. are you going to try for a boy speech. Ughhhhh just stop already. I just wanted to say thank you for putting into words how I feel. You are so brave to do this and I really appreciate your honesty and true emotions of what you went through.

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