Westfield stratford soft play area


Westfield Stratford is a great place to visit with children, thanks to it’s many children’s soft play areas.

Usually, combining shopping with children can be quite a stressful experience. But every time we go to Westfield Stratford, the kids have a great time, and in between their fun, I get a bit of time to peruse the makeup counters or at least one or two clothes shops. Win win.

Are there play areas at Westfield Stratford?

There are plenty of play areas to entertain young children at Westfield Stratford. If there are two adults, one can take the children to the play areas whilst the other shops, or if you are alone / need to stick together, you can alternate “boring shopping” with children’s activities – the play areas are cleverly spaced throughout the complex to make this task easier.

Westfield Stratford’s play areas are all grouped together under the title of Playworld. Playworld at Westfield Stratford City are specially-designed play areas for children 5 years and under.

Westfield Stratford Play Area locations

There are four play areas in Westfield Stratford City: You can find Playworld play areas on the Lower Ground Floor adjacent to Waitrose, in the World Food Court on the First Floor, on the First Floor by John Lewis and outside Stratford International Station.

The most recent play area at Westfield Stratford is unique Biodiversity playground located on the Lower Ground Floor, just outside the Great Eastern Market.  This outdoor play area is situated within ‘The Pond’, a small enclosed, idyllic place providing the ultimate safe space for children and families.

Westfield stratford soft play area

When to visit the play areas at Westfield Stratford


Weekdays are never too busy, and weekend mornings are still fairly quiet. Weekend afternoons tend to be the busiest time for Westfield in general, as well as the Westfield Stratford soft play areas.


Westfield Stratford children’s activities

During the school holidays, Westfield Stratford run children’s activities and events. You can usually find a full schedule of events on the Westfield website.

On our visit, the children’s activity was making your own pies. Arlo made one savoury pie and one banoffee pie. The activity was fast paced with the staff working hard to hold the children’s’ attention. Arlo was done within about 15 minutes – which is the perfect time before he gets too bored of any type of ‘making’ activity. There was no queue for the activity – also a bonus.

In general, we find the Westfield shopping centres a really hassle free place to go as a family. From the buggy-accessible terrain to the ample changing facilities at Westfield. The ‘parent rooms’, as they are called at Westfield, have child size toilets and sinks, a TV and play area to keep older siblings whilst you feed and change a baby. Westfield Stratford and Westfield London just make the whole experience of shopping with children that little bit easier to manage.

We also love the family friendly restaurants and activities at Westfield. We recently took our children bowling at Westfield Stratford, and had a great time. You can read more about family bowling at Westfield here. 


If you need to get some shopping done, Westfield is actually a brilliant place to take your kids. Our family love the children’s activities on offer, and the variety of children’s soft play areas at Westfield Stratford.


Westfield invited us to check out the children’s activities and we were compensated for our time. 


    1. In my opinion, it’s the best place to go if you need to shop with kids in tow. Lifts everywhere, easy for buggies and the shops are all big enough to accommodate buggies. Plus the play areas really help too.

  1. June 28, 2021

    Went to Westfield today. All indoor play areas were closed due to covid. Raining outside. Disaster.

    1. Ah yes, I haven’t been to Westfield since Covid but that makes sense that the indoor play areas would be closed at the moment.

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