carters steam fair

Carters Steam Fair is all colourfully painted wood and string bulb lighting. It’s a photo-lover’s dream.

Ever since we first visited when Rory was a newborn and it was too rainy for photos, I’ve been itching to go back with my big camera.

When Sam declared the fair his destination of choice for Father’s Day, and the morning of Father’s Day turned out to be overcast but dry, and the children were in a very strange mood that included posing willingly for photos, it was a serious ‘the stars have all aligned’ moment.

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Arlo spotted the Teletubbies prize and was DESPERATE to win one for his brother. The look on his face when he hooked the right duck (with a bit of covert help from a sympathetic person manning the stall) was priceless. Rory held it out in front of him like a proud trophy for the rest of the day.

IMG_2752-Edit-copyIMG_2847-Edit-copy IMG_2848-Edit-copy carters-steam-fair-1

Sometimes the boys squabble about sharing, or don’t always see eye to eye, but most of the time they have this incredibly caring relationship that sees Arlo giving Rory a huge bear hug whilst eagerly including him in games with his friends, “This is my little brother, Rory. He’s two, and I love him SOOO MUCH“.

These moments, the ones that make people ask “Are they like that ALL the time?“, make me a bit emotional, and so, so happy for them.


Carters Steam Fair rolls into town at around this time every year. If you live in London or within spitting distance, there are numerous opportunities in June to visit as it passes through Peckham, Dulwich, and Hackney.


  1. Your boys are so adorable!

    Love your photos – I agree it is a fantastic place for photographers, or even just people who like taking pictures (that would be me!). We went to Carters Steam Fair last year, although I never did get around to blogging about it, and Thomas had an absolute blast, despite the rain. The train, of course, was a particular favourite! I’m sure we’ll go again. As travelling fairs go, I think you can’t beat it.

  2. Fantastic! A definite must visit for keen photographers and perfect way to capture plenty of the kids at the same time! Looks like a great day out 🙂

    1. Yes I’d recommend it as a great family day out, especially for those of us who like taking photos : )

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