So, Sam is now away for two whole weeks. I’m currently on day 3 of my solo-parenting survival, and it’s going fine except for the inevitable evening boredom. But at least I get to watch unlimited amounts of crap TV.

Sam’s absence also gives me more time to write the blog posts and ideas I have scribbled down in the notes app on my phone. I just read a post over on Emily’s blog about Help Me Write, which has been set up by her husband. You list some things you’re thinking about writing and then people say whether they’d like to read about them. I thought it would be interesting to see if anyone has any preference over which blog posts I write next, so I’ve set up a page. You can vote anonymously or by using your Twitter handle.

So, what do you think I should write about next? And send me your links if you’ve also set up a page, would be fun to see what others are thinking of blogging about.

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