Usually, I’m not one to get festive as soon as the 1st of December rolls around. Getting in the mood for Christmas is more of a slow burner for me. I don’t start thinking about present-buying until at least the second week of December, and the tree usually goes up mid-December.

According to family tradition, next weekend should be tree weekend. But looking ahead, we realised we have no free time then, so we decided to shift our festive kick-off to this weekend. In a happy coincidence, I’ve now finished 90% of my pre-Christmas photography work, meaning I am really ready to start looking towards Christmas and enjoying the build up.






It’s been a long while since I’ve taken my camera out on an every-day trip with us. This is the sort of thing that I miss after doing a 366 project last year. The sort of thing I know I should do more often.

We pottered around a local garden centre, had cake and coffee in the charming little cafe, and Sam got a carton of takeaway beer for later (Arlo was disappointed to hear that it wasn’t popcorn).

As the man opened up our little tree, I was all ready to tell Sam that we should go to the place on the corner of our road where I know the trees are a tenner cheaper,  but it just had the most lovely shape and we knew it was the one – it was love at first sight

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web ready 20137-001


Then it was home to stick the Christmas tunes on and decorate. Arlo is enamoured with his footprint bauble, and we are picking up Rory’s next week. Arlo was so sweet whilst Rory was getting his done, and kept saying “Well done, Rory!” every time he made a footprint. No exaggeration – he has asked me every morning since then whether it’s time to go back to the shop to pick up Rory’s bauble.

In many ways, I think the build up to Christmas is better than Christmas itself.

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  1. Ahhhh, that looks like a lovely festive day out. And how big is Rory looking? I can’t believe how fast he’s growing.
    I agree, I sometimes think the build up to Christmas beats the big day itself. The prep and the anticipation are the best bits. x

  2. What lovely christmassy photo’s! Looks like you all had a lovely day – getting and putting up the tree is one of my best childhood memories of Christmas 🙂
    Arlo is looking so grown up by the way! x

  3. Oh wow it all looks lovely! Can I ask which garden centre it is, it looks amazing! And where do you get footprint baubles? I’m south London too and like the look of both!

    1. It’s Alexandra Nurseries in Penge – small but very charming. The baubles are from Sammy Duder on Northcote Road (that’s where I got Arlo’s and I wanted them to be matching!), but if you are nearer to Croydon you can also get them at the pottery place in Purley, or the one in East Dulwich.

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