black floor living room botanical living room

Ever since we bought our first house seven years ago, we have been living with a two-seater sofa.

Now that we are a family of five, that tiny two-seater sofa was really starting to become too small. Plus, I love lounging on a sofa in the evenings, and had been waiting for the day when we could upsize our sofa options to give me room to stretch my legs.

However, we liked the light and uncluttered feel that living with smaller sofas brought. We were wary about upsetting the balance of our living room with a sizeable sofa that could potentially take over the room and become the first, and biggest, thing you notice about the space.

Enter the DFS French Connection Zinc. I have had my eye on this sofa for a couple of years, admiring it whenever it cropped up on my instagram feed. It also happened to tick all of our boxes for a family sofa.

black floor living room botanical living room

Although it is a large sofa, it gives off a very slim appearance. The arms are slender, it’s not a hefty sofa, it feels light and balanced. The legs really help to emphasise the space and flow in the room. Being able to see the floor underneath makes a huge different to how open the room feels.

Considering that we pretty much picked the largest width possible, we were really happy to find that our zinc doesn’t dominate the room. Instead, it compliments it really rather well.

dfs french connection zinc dfs french connection zinc grey DFS french connection zinc grey

There are a wide range of fabric options for the French Connection Zinc, including some very luxurious and on-trend velvets. We opted for the durable, family friendly grey combination fabric. Originally, we had been pining after a deep green velvet to fit with our botanical theme. But in the end, we decided that a statement sofa like that would probably work better in a smaller size, and we really wanted as large a sofa as possible to give us growing room and space to sprawl. Choosing between fabrics was the toughest choice of this whole project!

plant step ladder monti glass vases air plants

With our plant stepladder, and my MONTI vases above the fireplace, our living room quickly started resembling a small botanical garden. We quite liked the calming atmosphere our mini jungle added, and so we decided to expand on our botanical styling even further.

dfs french connection zinc 4 seater


I find that the permanence of hanging prints on the wall actually scares me away from doing it, and as a result many of our walls are rather bare. This was my first time creating any sort of wall feature, and I had a lot of fun planning it. I sketched out a couple of options on paper first. I wanted something that would frame the sofa and balance that side of the room so that our large sofa wasn’t the one and only focus.

I didn’t want it to look too neat and symmetrical either, hence opting to put the picture shelf slightly off-centre.

I think me and picture shelves are going to get on well – I love that I can change up the look any time I want without creating more holes in the walls, and that I can also use it to display plants and trinkets.

trailing pot plant tillandsia plant botanical art prints

The botanical prints are all from Desenio. The concrete plant pot is from Geo Fleur, and the air plant is from MONTI. The copper pineapple is from Oliver Bonas, we usually store lighters for candles and other small bits and bobs in there.

living room ikea picture shelf

The cushion covers are from H&M, bought last year. I am considering swapping them out for some palm leaf covers, but can’t decide if that is taking it a step too far with the botanical theming – what do you think?

Our French Connection Zinc was provided by DFS for the purpose of this feature.



  1. Oh I LOVE how you’ve styled the space! The sofa is beautiful, and like you say the legs really add to the simple design. x

  2. I say go for it with the cushions! Love the sofa – I’m in a few facebook groups and communities where it comes up time and time again as a recommendation, and I can see why. It looks so spacious too!

  3. Hi there, what a fantastic room! I’m also looking at buying this sofa. I have 3 children too 🙂 I quite fancy the cuddler armchair to go with it but unsure which colour combination to get if choosing grey for the main 3 seater . Any tips would be greatly appreciated.

    1. Ooh that’s a tough decision! I think it depends on the colour scheme in your room. And whether you need a very kid-friendly fabric. I love the look of some of the velvet fabrics.

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