uppababy vista newborn and toddler


There are so many Uppababy vista configurations, making it the best pushchair we’ve ever used.

Whether you need a double pushchair or a single pushchair, a double configuration for a newborn and a toddler, or for twins, the Uppababy Vista provides every single configuration you could ever need.

Read on to find out why this pushchair works so well for our family, and the Uppababy Vista configurations that we use the most for our toddler and newborn.

Why we chose the Uppababy Vista for our third baby

When I found out I was expecting our third baby, my thought turned quickly to our well-trodden travel system. On the one hand, this was our ol’ trusty travel system that had reliably seen us through two babies. It was looking a little ropey around the edges, but it still worked.

But then, on the other hand, I remembered the days when I had a baby and a two year old, soldiering on with our single pushchair, thinking a double was an unnecessary spend at this stage. I remembered how inconvenient it could be at times, and how much I had secretly wanted the peace of mind of a double pushchair rather than the faff of tantruming toddlers and buggy boards, or resorting to having the baby permanently in a sling.

Things in the pushchair world have moved on a lot, and our six year old travel system wasn’t the most convenient it could be. For our new baby, I wanted a pushchair that would make life that little bit easier for our growing family.

So I was very excited when my chosen pushchair brand said a big YES to having the Uppababy Vista featured and reviewed on my blog. I had been eyeing up the Uppababy Vista for a while now, I loved the versatility of the pushchair as both a single and a double. Had we decided to buy a new pushchair, it was my first choice, thanks to the sheer choice of Uppababy Vista configurations.

We have been using our Uppababy Vista since day one with our third baby, who is now seven months old. There’s so much to say, that I’ve decided to split things into several posts. This one is going to focus on using the Uppababy Vista in double mode with a newborn / young baby and toddler / older child, and the combinations we have found most useful.

Then, once we start using our Uppababy Vista with the seat unit for our baby, I will write a post about that too.

Uppababy Vista double configurations for a newborn and toddler

When I was researching double pushchairs where there are lots of different combinations like the Uppababy Vista, I found it hard to sift through the countless options and visualise how we’d actually use our double pushchair most in our day to day life. Which Uppababy Vista configurations would be unnecessary for us and which would we use a lot? So, I thought I’d run through some of our favourite Uppababy Vista configurations to illustrate how our Vista helps us in our every day life.

uppababy vista newborn and toddler double configuration mode

The above configuration with Rory in the main seat and Otto below in the carrycot is without a doubt the most frequent configuration for our Uppababy Vista as a double pushchair. It’s a very social position for Rory, he’s nice and high up and he can chat away to me in this position. There is enough space between the seat and the carrycot, that I can easily keep one eye on Otto too. Just by peering over, I get a good view of him.

Uppababy Vista newborn and toddler double pushchair modes

This is an alternative Uppababy Vista double configuration for a newborn and toddler that we have been using. Rory is sitting below in the rumble seat, and Otto is in the carseat above. As the main seat is suitable from newborn, I also have the option to have this exact same Uppababy Vista double configuration, but with Otto in the main seat unit instead of his car seat – I haven’t used this option much, purely because I prefer him to be in the bassinet, or during trips out in the car, using his car seat on the chassis.

Which Uppababy Vista double mode do we prefer?

Rory LOVES being in the rumble seat, especially when it’s facing outwards – he feels like he’s driving and in charge. Overall, I prefer the Uppababy Vista configuration in the first picture, as having the older child underneath makes for heavier manoeuvrability. With Rory in the seat unit, the weight of the pushchair is more central, making it easier to push up kerbs, etc. Of course, there are benefits to both and that’s why being able to so quickly change up the configuration of the Uppababy Vista is so brilliant.

How easy is it to change the Uppababy Vista configuration modes?

Before we got our Uppababy Vista, I was anticipating any changes to the setup of the pushchair into different modes to be quite a long process involving various fiddly changes to the frame. But I quickly found that it is in fact extremely simple and quick to change from single to double, and between the different Uppababy Vista double modes.

Most of the Uppababy Vista configurations involve no changes to the frame at all once you’ve fitted the upper and lower adaptors. The only time you need to change an adaptor is if you want to fit the rumble seat, as that has its own connectors. I can change our Uppababy Vista combination at the last minute when we are hurrying to get out the door in time for the school run – it takes under 30 seconds (provided I’ve remembered to keep all the seats in the same place!)

Uppababy Vista adaptors

With the upper adaptors on, everything on the ‘top’ bunk, whether car seat, bassinet, or main seat, is taller. So, even if you are just using your Uppababy Vista as a single pushchair, your baby/child can be closer to you. I LOVE having my newborn so near, and when Rory is parent facing in the main seat of the Uppababy Vista, the face to face interaction is just lovely – we’ve had some great chats since we got our Uppababy vista.

Most of the time, I leave the top adaptors on, even if I don’t need them there, to give more height to the pushchair and better access to the basket.

The following two photos show where I’ve used the Uppababy Vista in single mode with both the bassinet and our car seat with the upper adaptors on, purely to bring Otto closer to my level and to give more room in the basket:

uppababy vista with maxi cosi car seat

uppababy vista bassinet carrycot for newborn

Uppababy Vista seats

One of the first things that struck me when we first used our Uppababy Vista was the generous capacity of both the seat units. The weight limits and seat sizes are some of the best I’ve seen for accommodating older children. I remember when I was tentatively looking at double pushchairs for Arlo and Rory, wondering whether it was worth the purchase, as at 2.5 years old, Arlo was already nearing the upper weight limits of most tandems, and there was hardly any head room for him under a lot of the hoods.

The Uppababy vista main seat has an astonishing 50lbs weight limit (six year old Arlo hasn’t reached that weight yet, let alone three year old Rory). The rumble seat will last up to 2.5 stone, so 3.5 year old Rory still has half a stone to go – ample time whilst he’s transitioning to full time walking. And both seats have adjustable hoods – simply slide the hood up the frame to lend more head room for your older child.

Uppababy Vista Buggy Board

Uppababy double configurations buggy board

The photo above was taken during a holiday in Cornwall. We were walking a steep stretch of the coastal path and even six year old Arlo needed a little buggy board break. The Uppababy Vista had no issues whatsoever handling three children on board at once, whilst remaining an easy push. I’ve tried other buggy boards in the past but the piggy back board by Uppababy is my favourite so far. We used to have a Lascal buggy board, but I found it much less easily manoeuvrable in comparison to the piggy back board.

The Uppababy Vista bassinet

The Uppababy Vista bassinet is one of the best I’ve ever seen. It is lined with a super soft, cosy material. The mattress feels so much more luxurious than your average foam insert, making it the nicest bassinet we’ve ever used. The one-handed detaching mechanism incorporated into the handle of the bassinet is genius and makes it so easy to use.

At an extremely generous size, there were no worries about our baby growing out of the Uppababy Vista carrycot too soon, like we’ve experienced with other travel systems. The bassinet is also swiftly collapsible, making it easier to fit into smaller car boots.

uppababy vista review

Other Uppababy Vista features that we love

Adaptors for our Maxi Cosi Group 0 car seat come included as standard with the Uppababy Vista. I was expecting to have to buy them on top as with the other travel systems we’ve had in the past, so this was a really surprising bonus and a thoughtful inclusion from Uppababy.

The Uppababy Vista basket is the best I’ve ever had on a pushchair EVER. It is huge. Really giant. I’ve been spoiled by this basket and I can’t even compute the thought of ever using a smaller basket again. The front of basket is cleverly spring loaded so you can push it down to fit bulkier items in. Even with the Uppababy Vista carrycot on the bottom in double mode, there is still decent access to the basket. I LOVE the Uppababy Vista basket.

Our Uppababy Vista review

In a nutshell, the reasons why I had earmarked the Uppababy Vista for our new baby were it’s flexibility as both double and single pushchair. I also wanted big wheels – I’ve used pushchairs with smaller wheels and it’s made for a bumpier ride and been less easy to manoeuvre. And chassis that can fold WITH the seat unit on (years of faffing around taking seat units on and off before folding gets very tiresome, let me tell you).

The Uppababy Vista fulfils all of my travel system wishlist requirements, and way more. It actually goes above and beyond what I expect from a pushchair by being so easy to use and adapt into all the many and varied Uppababy Vista configurations.

Having our Uppababy Vista has made an incredible difference to the ease of carting around our newborn and our toddler (and very occasionally our six year old). Looking back, I can’t believe that I didn’t have a double pushchair when Arlo was two and Rory was born. It was 100% the right decision to get a pushchair that is fully adaptable for all the needs of our growing family.

If you are interested in checking out more of the Uppababy seat combinations we’ve been using and why they work best for us, I’ve collected all our Uppababy Vista posts under the hashtag #SATMhowweroll over on Instagram.

Watch our Uppababy Vista review below:

Using the Uppababy Vista for a newborn and toddler. We really love how versatile this double pushchair is for a growing family. In this Uppababy vista review I talk about the different uppababy vista configurations in double and single mode and the ones we use the most with our new baby and toddler

Our Uppababy Vista was provided for the purpose of this review. We really love our Uppababy and all opinions are, as always, 100% are own. 



  1. Love the bright colour of this pushchair and its versatility. Would consider it if we had a couple of children close in age in the future.

  2. Love the Vista, had the original single at first then when we found out we were expecting another Baby we decided to buy the 2016 model to use as a double. It always was a little heavy with them both on board tho, but nothing I couldn’t handle. Now my Baby is out of the bassinet and is 8 months old, she sits in the seat facing me and my 2 year old is in the rumble seat. This is where I have come across issues! It’s fine round the shops or anywhere flat but when crossing roads it’s been a nightmare as all the weight is at the front so it’s very hard to lift up even the slightest curb. When crossing the road I have to do a complete spin at the other side to go up the pavement backwards. I’m so sad! I know where the Baby and the Toddler has the Pram if we go walking!

    1. I find it the heaviest when my older child is in the rumbleseat. Have worked out a way to push my foot on the back wheel which helps it get up kerbs a little easier.

  3. Thank you for this review (and the link to other configurations you’ve used on Instagram) – I’ve found this all really helpful.

    About to buy the adapters for our uppababy vista as baby #2 due in October (our first will have just turned 2 by then).

    Only thing I can’t seem to see online is the option to have the bassinet on top and the rumble seat underneath – is this not possible with dimensions of the bassinet?

    Also, we have a maxicosi pebble plus car seat for the baby, would this work with the adapters underneath or are additional adapters required?

    Thanks again!

    1. In double mode, the main position for the bassinet is underneath. I think it’s too tight a fit to have rumble seat underneath and bassinet on top. I think the adaptors would work for the Pebble, but you might want to double check with Uppababy.

  4. Hi, I came across your great review when trying to search for answer to our double query. We’d like to use the Toddler seat on top in parent facing position and the car seat underneath on the bottom maxi cosi adapters. do you know whether that would work? It would be no different to having the bassinet on the bottom but I cant seem to find any answer or infographic online showing this configuration. Many thanks!

    1. I have used it like this before, but from what I remember it doesn’t leave you with much room between the seats – OK for a newborn, but legs would be pretty squashed as baby grows.

  5. Thank you for this great post! Just to clarify, if i want the first configuration, what exactly do I need to buy if I already own the uppababy vista 2016? Is it just the adapters?

  6. Love this post and I love my Vista! I’m looking to do car seat on top and rumble on bottom. Do I only need the upper adapter to accomplish this? I already own the car seat and the stroller.

    1. For that combo you need the upper adapters and the rumble seat adapters on the lower bit (those are a different set to the lower adapters for the car seat or bassinet, but I think they come with the rumble seat).

  7. Hi, would it be possible to use the vista with two toddler seats – for example twins? It seems that you may have a toddler and a rumble seat, but not sure how that would work when both children are the same age/ weight.


    1. Hi Lucia. Only the rumble seat can go on the bottom, so it’s main seat unit and rumble seat rather than 2 x main seat units. But the rumble seat reclines and has quite a high weight limit, it’s a little bit smaller than the main seat, but not that much. So could definitely be used for twins for a good few years.

  8. Can you get it into a bus easily? I bus often with my 18 month old and would still want to use the bus when second one comes along

    1. In my video review I talked a bit about using our Vista on buses – the wheel width is quite wide and on some buses I couldn’t get the pushchair down the aisle so would have to get on via the back doors of the bus. To be honest, it was a bit of a nuisance. But I had the 2015/16 version of the Vista. They’ve since brought out a newer version with a narrower wheel width – haven’t tested that one out but I think it would be fine on most buses.

  9. Hi I have the 2015 version UB vista. Now with a 2.5 (36lbs) and an 8 month old will I be able to sit the rumble seat higher for my youngest and use the bigger below for my eldest? Or would he have to squeeze into a rumble below. Isn’t the weight cut off at 35lbs for a rumble?
    Thanks! Thank

    1. The rumble seat can only go on the bottom, and yes, he’s just above the weight limit, so you would need your eldest in the main seat and younger in the rumble seat below.

  10. Hi, I have an older uppababy Vista (2013) -if I want to turn it into a double stroller can I put the main seat on top and the car seat on the bottom?

  11. Hello! Great review and such a beautiful stroller. My baby will be born next month and I’m thinking about getting the 2017 Vista. I loved pushing it around the store and it seemed smooth. I did see one product review where someone was complaining that the ride is too bumpy for a newborn when the bassinet is on the lower adaptors. Did you notice this being a problem? My oldest is above the rumble seat weight limit so I’m planning to use the Piggyback board for her and the upper seat for longer outings. Thus, the newborn would sometimes be on bottom in the bassinet or car seat

  12. Hi! Are you using the Mesa Uppababy car seat? How do you get it tilted like that? When I put the car seat on top and the Rumble seat on the bottom my daughters head hits the car seat and it’s very tight and uncomfortable for her.

  13. Hi! I’m using thebassinet on the bottom but the lower adapter gets stuck with the bassinet. Tue rumbler adapter only for the rumbler seat. Do you use any special adapters for the bassinet?
    Thank you!!

  14. What year was your model? 2015+ or 2017+? I see your review was Jan 2017 so I assume it has to be the 2015 model?

    I’ve had the 2017 CRUZ and love it but due baby 2 in Sept when Baby 1 with be 26months so concidering a second hand VISTA. Wondering if 2015 model will be fine. Thanks

  15. Hi, found this really good for answering a lot of my queries. I’m between this or the icandy orange at the moment. Just one question if I could please?, when the baby was in the car seat on top and the toddler was having outwards on the bottom were you able to recline the toddler seat with the car seat on? Just trying to see if naptimes would be an issue? X

    1. I don’t think the seat could recline much when facing forward on the bottom with car seat on top, but when facing backwards it could (if I remember correctly!)

  16. Hi Chloe,

    Thank you for writing those features. Do you know why we can’t have the rumble seat at the bottom, facing inwards while the bassinet is at the trop? I can’t see any problem with that and but it’s not listed in the seat configurations.
    Thank you.


  17. Thanks for the review! I have a 2019 Uppababy Vista…it was always my *dream* to have a Vista…but I’m finding that I don’t love it as much as I thought I would. I think the biggest problem for me is that the bassinet has to be on the bottom when you have the newborn but I feel like it’s not so intuitive since most people (I think) would prefer to have the newborn closer for monitoring? Also, like you mentioned, the toddler weight being on the bottom really throws it off. Another thing you mentioned, which I have experienced especially with a heavy toddler in toll and having bump european stoned paved roads, is the suspension could be a bit better. I was wondering if you have tried an icandy orange and what your thoughts are on that?

    1. I’ve never tried an Icandy orange. Agree with you that it’s nice to have newborn up high with you, but can see that that configuration is tricky to do in double mode as it just doesn’t leave enough room for a seat for an older child on the bottom row. At least they are not in the bassinet for long though and you get more configuration options once using both seats in double mode

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