graco evo avant

The thing I love most about the Graco Evo Avant travel system is just how stylish this pushchair is.

With it’s breton stripe, brown leather accents, and grey marl-like material, the Graco Evo Avant travel system is a seriously good looking pushchair.

graco evo avant travel system

What we like about the Graco Evo Avant travel system

This Graco Evo pushchair manages to be both masculine and feminine at the same time, the perfect mix for me – a person of the female variety who has had a brood of boy babies.

graco evo avant pushchair graco evo avant travel system Graco evo
graco evo avant

The basket on The Graco Evo Avant is roomy enough for everything you need for a day out. And, it may be a smaller detail, but I really love the Graco Evo rain cover – It fits snug to the Graco Evo seat and goes on with absolutely no fiddlyness or difficulty. It’s the little things like this that do actually make a significant difference to my day to day life using a pushchair.

The wheels  on the Graco Evo Avant travel system are hard, rather than air or foam-filled (there is the Graco Evo’s big brother, the Evo XT if off-roading wheels are a must for you), but yet I was surprised at the noticeable smoothness of the suspension.

There is a separate Graco carrycot available, also in the breton stripe design, if you prefer. But the main Graco Evo seat unit is suitable from birth onwards, and the Graco Evo Avant travel system comes with the loveliest footmuff / cosytoe, so your newborn will be comfortable in their Graco Evo pushchair whichever option you choose.

I’ve been on trains, black cabs, the underground, and buses with our Graco Evo Avant travel system. The Graco Evo handles city life very well.

graco evo avant travel system in a black cab

I might have gone a little bit overboard with the photos of our Graco Evo Avant pushchair. Otto was in such a good mood for posing for the camera, this entire review is really just an excuse to show you how cute he was being!

graco evo avant pushchair Graco Evo Avant travel system graco evo avant pushchair Graco Evo

Reviewing the Graco Evo car seat

Like all good travel systems, the Graco Evo Avant pushchair is car seat compatible, using the SnugRide i-size infant car seat.

We’ve used several infant car seats in the past, and they’ve all been very similar, with limited additional features. Which is why I was so pleased to see that Graco’s SnugRide has extra functionality that really comes in useful.

Instead of needing to re-thread the straps into the next ‘rung’ up as your baby grows, the Graco Evo car seat straps cleverly adjust with the headrest in a simple up and down movement that takes all of two seconds. Not only is this extremely useful for me (as I always have to ask Sam to re-thread our carseats – I’ve never got the hang of it!), but I can imagine this feature being such a brilliant thing for childminders who might be using the same car seat for different sized babies in their care.

The second feature of the Graco Evo car seat that has proved invaluable for us, is the adjustability of the recline on the Graco Snugride. There is a little dial on the base of the Graco car seat with positions ranging from 0 – 7.

Graco SnugRide recline adjust

We didn’t have any recline adjustment on our previous car seat, and in recent months I had noticed Otto becoming increasingly frustrated at being in such a reclined position in the car. Since he turned 11 months, we’d have tears most journeys. Although he wouldn’t outgrow his infant car seat until somewhere around 18-20 months, I was already thinking about upgrading him to a stage 2 seat just to save my sanity on car journeys!

Then along came our Graco Evo car seat, and all our car dramas stopped instantly, because we were able to give him a more upright position. Babies do famously reach a stage once they are a little bit older, more awake, and heading towards toddlerhood, where an infant car seat can feel a little too reclined for them. They want to be more upright and better able to see their surroundings. Having a car seat like the Graco SnugRide i-size, that allows you to do both, without the need to completely change your car seat after nine or so months, is utterly invaluable.

After experiencing the Graco Evo SnugRide car seat with it’s clever extra features, I would honestly find it hard to switch back to another car seat now.

Graco Snugride i-size

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  1. We have the Graco Milestone All-in-one carseat which is great but I’ve never tried out one of their buggies. The Graco Evo Avant does looks so stylish, love the brown straps! Great it fits in the back of a taxi! Polly x

  2. Oh that is really lovely, nice and stylish and unisex! I could look at buggies all day long. Shame I don’t need another!

  3. Oh he was being really cute! I love the Breton stripe and can totally see where you are coming from with boys! Its nice to have something which is neutral. I am so impressed with the handling of the series and the fact that it works with the car seat. Makes the school run so much easier!

  4. I seriously love the brown leather accents on this pram. It makes it look so stylish and smart and the photos are super cute so I’m not surprised you added so many…I totally would have done the same 🙂

  5. This looks fab, we had a Graco pushchair and car seat for our boys, great to see they’re adding new features, especially adjusting the reclining position!

  6. Wow, this is such a stylish and timeless pram. I love the colour and the leather. What a brilliant pram perfect for any sex

  7. Your photos are always so great! The Evo Avant looks so stylish and way more expensive than it actually is! x

  8. The pushchair is gorgeous isn’t it? We get so many compliments on it when we’re out and about, and the size of the basket is my pushchair dream come true. Gorgeous photos! x

  9. Hi! These pictures are just stunning! Is it ok if we share them on our official GRACO instagram account here in Sweden? Best regards the Marketing Team för GracoScandinvia

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