Five weeks in with our third little guy and we are fully back to our usual routine.

We’d been moved into our house for just over a week when I was told I needed to be induced immediately. Then came the five day stint in hospital. Followed by the two week haze of half term and paternity leave.

The last few weeks are the longest we’ve stayed in one place since moving out in February due to the building work. For the first time in ages, I feel settled. Moving in and then having a baby unexpectedly early (albeit only a few weeks early, but early enough that I hadn’t packed a hospital bag and we still had most of our household belongings in moving boxes!) has been a whirlwind of change in a very short space of time, but home feels like home now.

And three children feels very much like home.


Third time round, it is just pure joy. I find myself gushing over him in a way I don’t think I’ve ever done before: “He’s so little”, “He’s so sweet”. His big eyes looking up at me makes me melt a bit. Has it taken three children for me to let go of the worry of the unknown enough to make room for the simplest of appreciations?

With the first baby, everything was unknown and the (exhausting) focus was on learning everything. With the second baby comes worry about how to juggle more than one child, and how the dynamic will shift between you and your firstborn. Third time round, for me, there has been no unknown, and the change in dynamics is nothing compared to the huge magnitude felt when Arlo became a big brother.

Third time round is relaxed, it’s precious, and these early months where he needs me oh so much feels like a special gift to myself.

I didn’t have a clue I would feel this way. I thought it would be a bigger adjustment, and a lot more juggling. Perhaps I have that to come, as he wakes up more, but at the moment I am blissfully enjoying having a newborn again.

Third time round, you are welcomed by a tribe. There are established ways of life, there are sibling bonds that came before you and will pave the way for your own family relationships – you will grow up watching them, following them, copying their games.

You know your brothers, and in the snatches that you are awake and alert, your eyes follow them eagerly. The look on your face as you watch them play is the most natural expression. Of course it is, you’ve been hearing your brothers’ voices all your life.

Third time round, family life swells eagerly and effortlessly to encompass you.

IMG_9213-Edit-copy IMG_9195-Edit-copy IMG_9180-Edit-copy IMG_9174-Edit-copy IMG_9159-Edit-copy IMG_9080-Edit-copy

(Arlo requested some photos with his little brother, and then everyone else decided to join in. Normally, I’d be hugely annoyed that the shot of Rory and Sam is so blurry, but on this occasion, I think it adds to the feeling).  




  1. I loved reading this- having gone from being a family of 3 to a family of 4 in January I found the family dynamics really changed and I found it quite hard- Freddie found it hard too but eventually we settled into a sort of routine. But having my second is definitely How you described it with going from
    One child to two. I’d love three children eventually if we are able to and I’d love to see how the family dynamics changed again, but like you say, I think a third child sort of just slots into place a bit more
    Easily and it’s so lovely to just be relaxed and to really enjoy that time when they’re a newborn. Absolutely stunning photos as always. I really adore your style of photography- your boys just seem so sweet with each other. Amelia xx

  2. It feels good doesn’t it! I found two to three much easier than one to two for all the reasons you said; our littlest just became part of the family and it was no time at all before we could barely remember life with just the girls. It sounds like being a Mama to your three boys is suiting you beautifully!

  3. Ooh Chloe he is so scrummy! Posts like these don’t help my broodiness- I am still on the fence regarding having a 3rd or not, but I just don’t feel ‘done’ even though I thought I was….it’s doing my head in! Huge congrats one again, you have 3 such beautiful boys xx

    1. I always knew I wanted three, but I think I’ll be in your position in a few years time. I just can’t imagine being ‘done’ right now. It’s so difficult.

  4. Oh Chloe! I loved reading this. I totally, totally gush about my third baby boy too. I just love seeing his squidgy little face and gorgeous bod. I even look forward to seeing him and feeding him. WIth my first I would pray for him to stay asleep! He was born in March, but I definitely found 0-1 my most difficult. I found 1-2 ok, and so far 2-3 has been really fine – just a tad more hectic at times. I felt so out of my depth with my first, even though he was totally planned and very much wanted. I love that my third seems to join a tribe like you say. There were relationships already there and that is such a beautiful thing to be involved in from birth. Delightful and huge congratulations xx

  5. I know this sentiment exactly, only after Finn’s difficult beginning I am experiencing it with no.4. She seems most content surrounded by her playing brothers but it must be a noise she remembers from the womb. They are such beautiful photos and the out of focus one may just be my favourite

  6. All the pics here are great 🙂 Think im going to rent a camera from Fat Lama this weekend and try get any shots half as good as these!! What camera/lens are you using may i ask? 😀

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