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One of the biggest concerns for everyone is making the most of their time off from work. If you are heading off on holiday this summer you might be thinking of all the things that you would like to do; you may feel overwhelmed because of it. Even though summer is just around the corner you have got plenty of great places that you can get off and see in and around London. Depending on where your home is presently and how far you are looking to go you can actually have an amazing vacation while keeping yourself close to home in a motor home!

Margate: Just a short shove off from the city centre but still seeming a world away there is so much to see and do here that if you’ve never been you should make a point of it soon! Margate touts itself as “the original seaside” and has a timelessness out on the Kent coast that deserves your attention. Don’t worry though it’s not all old-world curmudgeons lapping up your time here; there are still many 21st Century amenities to keep even the most modern individuals plugged in. But when you see the whimsy and wonder here, you might never want to leave.

Felixstowe: If you are really looking to enjoy some of the seaside escapes then you should make a point of heading north to Felixstowe. This area has the call slogan of “Great Days by the Sea” and when you visit here it’s not hard to understand why. Whether your interests are in sailing, sunning, swimming, or just lounging you can have it all here. Moreover there are tons of shopping alternatives for folks hunting out value and even other activities like golf to take your time in this storied Edwardian countryside.

Penzance: One more spot worth visiting this summer on holiday if you haven’t nailed down any plans yet is Penzance. You may have heard of the Pirates of Penzance, but this most westerly major town in Cornwall has got so many amazing things to do and see. Begin perhaps with the stunning and legendary Minack Theatre and then continue onward to enjoy the Penlee House Gallery & Museum and the Trengwainton Garden. Another hidden gem in Penzance that deserves a look is the Tremenheere Sculpture Gardens. This spot has some of the most breathtaking and amazing plants and sculptures you are ever likely to see anywhere.

Yes, yes, you may say, while this is all fine and good and these are all wonderful things to tick off of your vacation list, you may argue that this is impossible to get to all these far flung places and find accommodations and get everyone together to head off on these travels. But have you before considered doing all these things, the travel, the lodging, even the dining, in a motor home? If you have never before considered investing in some type of a motor home before then perhaps now is as good a time as any! Motor coaches allow you the freedom and ability to simply get up and go where you want, when you want. You won’t have anyone telling you “there is no room at the inn;” in a motor home it doesn’t make a lick’s difference.

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