I bloody love Spring.

For me, Spring is so much more about new starts than the beginning of the calendar year.

Spring is when things wake up and things come to life. It is when I remember that outdoors exists.

Spring is the warm up to summer and the promise of good times. I start to look forward to warmer days and lighter evenings.

Spring is when babies become toddlers and instantly grow about three feet taller.

These photos were taken in a park a short drive away from us. I have been dying to see what the place looks like in spring time, and it didn’t disappoint. Arlo loved looking at all the wildlife and there were lots of exclamations of ‘Ooh, duck!..Bird!’

Waving at a Squirrel

Arlo wears: Cardigan and dungerees by Tootsa MacGinty, T-shirt by Toby Tiger.


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    1. I couldn’t believe that squirrel. Once I got over the initial ‘oh my god, he’s going to scratch his face off’ panic, I started snapping away (of course!).

  1. I have been feeling EXACTLY the same way. Its my favourite time of year. beautiful pictures once again, great wildlife action xx

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