As usual, it’s taken me way longer than it should have to get my August summary post up. But this time, I think I was putting it off because looking back at all the photos reminds me that it’s officially not summer any more, waaaahh.


August saw a lot of trips to the pub, to the park, and a lot of ice creams.

Rory started going to bed upstairs at around 8pm and I got my evenings back.

Arlo finished his last toddler signing class (he’s been going to baby signing,  and then toddler signing since he was 5 months old, so it’s been a real part of his routine for such a long time).

I had my first taste of solo parenting two children.

And we had some fun outings to Lollibop and to a local agricultural fair (Living in South London, you wouldn’t think there would be many of those around, but we actually live a very short drive to both the Kent and Surrey countryside).

We really, really liked August.

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