Last night Arlo allowed me to have eight hours broken sleep. I don’t think I’ve had this much sleep since he was a newborn and waking every three hours on the dot. I usually average somewhere between four and six hours broken sleep per night.

Last night, however, Arlo didn’t wake until 2.30am, and after a 5am feed he put up no protest and slept in his cot until 7.30am. We usually co-sleep from 5-6.30am. Don’t know why I use the term co-sleep. He sometimes sleeps, I don’t.

By 7.15am I awoke suddenly, worried that he had been quiet for over two hours. But just as I voiced my concerns to Sam, we heard a timely morning greeting through the monitor.

He’s been in a great mood this morning due to a good night’s sleep. Very smiley and up for playing. I love these days.

The funny thing is that I actually feel more drowsy today than usual. I guess your body gets used to short bursts of sleep and anything more than this upsets the balance. That’s definitely not a complaint though!

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