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One of the best gifts my children have given me is a great excuse not to bother going out on New Year’s Eve. I don’t hate New Year’s Eve, I’m generally happy with any excuse to celebrate and see my friends, but NYE just has such potential to be a massive anticlimax.

I hate that pubs become expensive ticketed events, and every trip to the bar results in a 20 minute queue to get served. I hate the ‘forced fun’ vibe of being in a club on New Year’s. I hate the cold, long-arsed effort to get home, involving at least 3 night buses.



(Um, yeah. This is all I could find when I searched my folders for NYE photos.)

My favourite New Year’s are always the house parties, or small gatherings with friends where you get a chance to catch up with every single person there. It’s not hectic, the drinks are free-flowing, and you don’t have to share your celebration with strangers. Perfect.

Pre-children, our lives looked a lot different. But these days, along with 64% of people, I now prefer to stay in on New Year’s Eve.

I haven’t gone out on NYE since 2009. There’s no FOMO when we have a quiet New Year’s eve at home. I’m not brave enough to party into the small hours. I have young children, they wake up a lot, it would be horrendous.

I really enjoy our New Year’s eve night in. We are usually joined by a handful of friends who have similar ‘can’t be arsed’ feelings towards New Year’s celebrations.

Good food, good booze, crap TV. What more could you want?

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