I realised recently that I don’t usually convert my photos to black and white. It’s rare that I prefer the black and white version over the colour image.

(Although, I’m finding that black and white works especially well for tantrum images – nothing to detract from the emotion on his face)

But mostly, I want to remember in colour. My boy, exactly as he is. And there is nothing to rival beautiful, vibrant, real-life colour in images of summer.

I embrace the first summery weekend of the year with arms wide open. And then every warm day thereafter. Summer is totally and completely my season.

This past weekend has been a good one.

It was Sam’s birthday (I bought everything with clubcard points, including the presents and the meal out – I am the ultimate cheapskate!), so he and I went for a rare date on Friday. It was a lovely warm evening, so we ate outside on the riverside near Tower Bridge.

In fact, it’s been a weekend of eating outside. Barbeques with friends and dinner in the garden with neighbours. I love when it’s warm enough to sit outside until late (I have the mosquito bites to prove it).

A potter round a garden centre is usually a window shopping affair. But this time, Sam had a birthday budget to spend, so he enjoyed himself picking out plants and flowers, whilst I chose some pretty pots for the patio.

These small updates to our garden have made such a difference. I will write about that soon.

And as for Arlo? The lucky boy is the owner of some new garden toys, and he got to debut his summer wardrobe.

I am so happy that we are able to use our garden this summer. It’s been a no-go zone for the past two years. It makes such a difference to have all that extra space for Arlo’s toys, and space to invite more than two friends over at a time.

Here’s to a summer of barbeques and fun in the sun.


  1. I’m exactly the same. I love black and white images but tend to prefer pictures of ,y little guy in all their coloured glory. I was the same with my wedding pictures, having always preferred the romantic look of black and white images I had practically my entire album done in colour because that’s how I want to remember it.
    Loving the pictures, as always. And Arlo looks like such a little dude in that hat! Adorable. X

  2. Oh gosh, I don’t think I could hack my wedding photos in black and white either, even though I love photos of other people’s weddings in black and white.

    The hat is from h&m and at first he hated it but now he loves it and wants to wear it all the time.

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