I’m slowly working my way through the Project 366 backlog, so these are all from September. At least I can live vicariously through these images and pretend it’s still warm and summery.

I loved your little clap at the end of ‘Happy Birthday’. You’d had no training for this moment, but you were clearly very happy to be joining in with the singing and clapping.

More on the Pirate Birthday party we attended here.

There is no explanation for this really. Except to say that the original intention was to make a little sun cover-up that was paddling pool friendly.

The Thomas from last month had mysteriously disappeared from the shopping centre, and I was a bit worried as I’d been promising you ‘the big Thomas Choo’ all morning as bribery for our boring shopping trip.

Luckily, we found another Thomas and this one had an exciting TV screen.

Snack time at your signing class. When I tell you that we are going to Tiny Talk, you say “Biscuits!” – I’m not sure that’s the point of the class, Arlo.

The white chocolate fingers are your favourite.

You were first to spot the little red chilli on Dada’s chilli plant. I said that you should show dada when he gets back from work, as he would like to see the red chilli.

A few hours later, I’d forgotten all about my comment. But you hadn’t. Dada came back from work and you ran straight outside to point at the red chilli.

A view I am very familiar with.

You had a temperature today.

You were grumpy but pleased that you got to have “bo-bol” (Calpol).

Saying hi to the chickens at Lambeth Country Show.

Still feeling a bit poorly. A sleepy cuddle.

I blogged this image separately, read about that here.

Shadow dancing.

A trip to IKEA

New big boy bedding! (hence yesterday’s trip to IKEA).

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