Still a lot of iphone pictures going on this month. My Canon 40D does not have good noise reduction at a higher ISO (plus it only goes up to 1600 which is not high enough to capture most shots inside my house in the winter months). I have become so fed up with my camera’s low light capabilities that a lot of the time it felt less frustrating to use my phone camera… although don’t get me started on the quality of the 3GS camera either!

20121101Playing with one of your Toyologist toys

20121102A new coat for winter

20121103Reading books in Mama’s bed whilst I got ready.

20121104Playing with your trains, of course.

20121105Sitting on Dada’s shoulders for the Crystal Palace kids firework display. It was billed as being a less noisy show, but there were still a lot of loud bangs. You loved it regardless and over a month later you still talk about when you saw the “Witerworks”.

20121106Naps are phasing out, but every few days we have a naptime success with the added bonus of a sleepy cuddle.

20121107Fajitas for dinner.

20121108This is the first time you’ve agreed to go on a swing since you were 12 months old. You loved it. I knew you would.

20121109Being firemen during our trip to Battersea Park Zoo.

20121110Moaning at me to open this pack of mini cheddars. The snack cupboard is at Arlo-level, which means you can reach your snacks by yourself and we have daily battles over how many you’ve already had.

20121111You love bathtime, but you hate having your hair rinsed.

20121112“No nap today, Mama”.

20121113It was fancy dress for Children in Need at your signing class today. I remembered 10 minutes before we were due to leave the house.

20121114We had a scan today. Baby 2 at 13 weeks.

20121115This is your ‘I’m watching Thomas the Tank Engine’ face.

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  1. I have a little clip on flash for my Nikon D40x, it works very well indoors alrhough you have to give it a few seconds between shots to let it recharge itself. Not easy when you’re used to taking advantage of the camera’s fast shutter speed 🙂

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