I’m still running about a month behind. All the images are there, it’s the editing and captioning that I struggle to keep on top of. I have to say that October has officially been my laziest month with the project. I will freely admit that I have been quite liberal with the dates of some of my October shots to make sure that I had a photo to cover every day of the month, because I know there were some days where I definitely did not take a photo.

I hate hate hate the darker months. My house is too dark most of the time for photos to look any good, and this really hampers my desire to pick up the camera. I know I should search for more creative shots, but it just hasn’t been happening. As a result, I think I am closer to reaching a decision about carrying on with the 365 project next year. Inside winter shots are just not making me happy, so I want to adopt a different approach next year, perhaps a less structured approach.

“Big Tigey from Gramma’s house”

You were allowed to take home this tiger when we visited grandma’s house yesterday, and you think this is a big deal as all day you have been talking about the tiger from grandma’s house.

You are getting better at standing still in once place when I ask to take your picture, but no  matter what I try, you still refuse to look at me.

“Thomas Choo Choo pasta”

It’s no coincidence that they choose to stack these things exactly at ‘toddler in a buggy eye-level’.

You were pretty happy with your first MacDonald’s. We had a late morning appointment that overran and I was starving. Excuses Excuses.

Socks and sandals.

It’s officially no longer summer, but yet you still demand to wear your crocs.

A cuddle with dada.

Silly games with dada.

Ever since you were a baby, you have liked to lay your head on the floor like this when playing with your trains and cars.

A birthday photoshoot in the woods.

You spent most of today playing with the balloons from yesterday’s shoot.

Your favourite game was wrapping them round you and running around.

A very scary looking Peppa Pig.

You were more interested in your carton of juice.

A lunchtime portrait.

“Nice Choo Choo shop!”

Choosing new Thomas trains as a birthday treat.

A birthday party for a special two year old.

Two today!

Dada had the day off work and we all went to the farm.

Your favourite part was being able to stroke the rabbits, you stayed there for ages.

A birthday celebration at your signing class (excuse the boy in the background being deflected from making a lunge for the candles!)

“Picture of Thomas Choo Choo!!”

Dada drew this Thomas for your birthday, you were so excited when you saw it.

A few of your birthday cards.

There were also lots of Thomas cards, but you wanted to keep those for your own collection.


  1. Actually really lovely to get to see a post with so many great photographs at one time, so you being behind can be quite a positive for readers. I have to say that I think the black and whites are incredibly good and I adore his birthday shoot. Such a great post.

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