Still in October but attempting to catch up before the year is out. I have all the photos edited and ready, it’s just the captioning I’ve fallen behind on and, unsurprisingly, that’s the most boring job.

IMG_0295-copyA post-nap snack watching Thomas clips on YouTube. Nothing makes this boy happier at the moment.

20121020You go out of your way to avoid puddles rather than walk through them. If your wellies get a speck of mud on them, you demand for them to be wiped clean.

gma2My family. Taken at my Grandma’s 90th birthday party.

20121022You put dada’s headphones on and were very pleased with yourself.

20121023You haven’t been napping much recently, whereas I’ve had lots of first trimester tiredness. So I’ve taken to introducing some afternoon downtime where I try in vain to get you to lie quietly in bed with me.

birdposterYou are a little bird fanatic so dada bought you this bird poster. Every night you say “Goodnight birds”, and every morning we hear you over the monitor saying “Good morning birds!”

20121025I came back from a photography job to find that you and dada had made Tidmouth Sheds out of a cardboard box.

IMG_0262-copyWho would have predicted that a year ago when your great grandad bought you a wooden railway starter set with Thomas and Rosie trains, it would be the start of your biggest obsession yet.

You play with your trains and track every day without fail, and your collection has grown considerably over the past 12 months. I was trying to take a photo of all of your trains together, but you weren’t happy with the way I was lining them up and hovered nervously in the background pleading with me to put your trains back.

20121027Thank You cards for your birthday gifts.

20121028Dinosaurs are a big thing at the moment. You love reading your dinosaur books with dada and you know quite a few different types of dinosaur, so this was a pretty cool present to receive.

20121029Potty training has (sort of) begun. You are not yet ready to go without nappies, but you are happy to sit on the potty and do your business when asked. So we are practising for now and will perhaps try a bit harder once the weather gets warmer.

cotsmileGiggling boy.

skeletonToday was Halloween. I hadn’t planned to dress you up, but you received some skeleton pajamas for your birthday that were perfect for the occasion. In the evening we went trick or treating with your friend Sophie.

A month in photos:

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    1. Hehe, he’s actually just decided this month that puddles are pretty fun to splash in, although he does still geta bit freaked out when he clocks the state of his wellies.

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