When I looked back at these photos, I was quite pleased to note that the majoirty were taken outdoors despite the very rainy July we’ve been having so far. I feel like we’ve been inside loads, but these images remind me that we have been having some great adventures out and about too.

Copying dada.

Bedtime feed.

Snack time

I was trying to get a shot of Arlo walking ahead of me, but every time I stopped, he would stomp back over to me and push the buggy as if to say “Come on mum, let’s keep moving”.

This is our back gate, next to the front door. Every time we get home, Arlo points to the gap in the bottom of the gate and says “Ooh, mah!”. We have yet to work out what ‘Mah’ means (‘Mah’ is cat, but I don’t think he means cat here).

Arlo’s first time feeding the ducks himself.

More ducks with grandma, auntie Sophie, and Oscar the dog.

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