I’ve been agonising over whether I wanted to do a general 366 project, or an Arlo-centric one. It would be an amazing record to have a photo of Arlo each day, but in the end I’ve decided not to narrow down the rules too much. I want to record a year in the life of our family, so pretty much anything goes.

Let’s face it, most of the photos will feature Arlo anyway, and even if it doesn’t make the final choice for my 366, I’ll always have a ton of photos taken of Arlo each day purely as a result of doing this project. So, an Arlo 366 will be easy enough to whip up if I decide I really want one.

Back to the project…So far so good, I’ve not yet forgotten to use my camera (five days in, what an achievement). Here are my first five:

Jan 1st 1/366

The first breakfast of 2012 and Arlo’s very first fry up.

Jan 2nd 2/366

Arlo’s busted lip – his first official walking injury. He stood up and took four steps into the middle of the room towards Sam and I with this big ‘I know what I’m doing’ grin on his face. He did it again. I got the camera ready to film and asked Sam to encourage him to do it again. He took one big leap forward and faceplanted.

Googling ‘How to get bloodstains out of clothes’ is one of those things that is standard for a parent, slightly disturbing if you are anyone else.

Jan 3rd 3/366

Sam arived home after getting his shaggy locks cut. Arlo’s usual greeting is a wide grin and exclamation of ‘Dada!’. Today, after a big pause, the first thing Arlo said to him was ‘Ears’.

I need to work on persuading Sam to wear a more natural expression – he loves to pull silly faces.

Jan 4th 4/366

Mother’s guilt finds me taking Arlo to the Sure Start centre for more stimulation and socialisation than I can offer. He plays alone with cars. The exact same thing he would be doing at home, go figure.

Jan 5th 5/366

Arlo with ‘after dinner’ hair playing one of his favourite games: Car on the highchair.


  1. I love after dinner hair!! Nobody ever tells you that you have to wash a toddler’s hair every day because it will always have some combination of their last meal in it.

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