The past few weeks, I have not felt like writing as much or taking photos of my life. August has seen a slower pace. And not just for myself, but for the world of social media too, where everyone is away or busy with school holiday activities. This is definitely the most lazy month I’ve had in terms of the 366 project. I’ve still been taking a photo a day, but most have been half-hearted iphone efforts. But over the last couple of days I’ve found myself picking up the camera more often, and I really want to give the last quarter of this project the best I can.

One of his favourite things to do is to look for bugs at the bottom of the garden.

Like father like son.

He spotted him himself. “Ooooh Toto Choo Choo!” I heard as I was paying at the till.

We watched Thomas for a long while. Watched other children come and go, and it looked like fun.

Turns out that it wasn’t that fun.

Trains, as always.

Oh, and we finally got a table for the garden! My mum had been keeping this one for us for ages, but it wouldn’t fit in either her car or mine. Sam’s dad kindly collected it in his landrover a few weeks ago.

He was doing so well with his crayons.We wondered why he was so good – why did he only draw on paper, never walls or floors? Well, at some point that changed.

A visit from Oscar the dog.

The top one is when he realised we were watching Waybuloo in real life.

The bottom one is his face when he saw his favourite, Yojojo, walk onto the stage.

These photos were taken at Lollibop. Arlo’s auntie Jess was given some press tickets, so we got to go along.

He’s not crying, he’s in the middle of an excited scream.

The local aquatic shop was a big hit, we had tears when we left.

He’s started ‘sharing’ things with his toys. The other day I caught him dunking his cuddly toy dog’s head in a bowl of cereal, and here he is sharing his afternoon snack with his trains.

‘Yoga’ has snuck itself into the evening routine recently. Except yoga basically means Arlo climbs on dada in various ways.

He’s not asleep, he’s just pretending. Of course he would never sleep nicely like this in someone else’s house. Arlo and I went to visit our friend’s new place, and he decided to try out the bed.

Ahhh, tantrums. We’ve been seeing a lot more of those in the past few weeks. This one was the longest yet at just over half an hour.

It started because he had finished his chocolate buttons. It carried on so long that I was sure he must have forgotten what he was so angry about. Then just like that, he said “Oooh choo choo!” and normal service was resumed.

We went to Wing Yip to get supplies for the big dinner Sam was making for our friends that evening.

We found it amusing that the aisles were full of packaging that Arlo wasn’t used to, but yet it took him no time at all to find his favourite thing (except it wasn’t actually a chocolate bar like on the picture, it was hot chocolate powder).

We had banana pancakes on Saturday morning. A big hit with Arlo (surprise surprise).

According to Sam, these guys are Stuart Silver and Rick Flame. They commit petty crime and household burglaries, hiding their loot in a sofa fort. Oh, and they are also in a band, ‘The Flamin’ Silvers’.

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