My poor old Project 366 got relegated to the ‘I’ll do that later’ pile. I’ve still been taking lots of photos every day, it’s just the folder admin and blogging part that I’ve been slack with. There were other things that I wanted to do, and work images that needed to be prioritised. Then I got so far behind that I thought I might as well ignore it for a bit longer.

He figured out how to climb in his buggy all by himself.

The first time he did it, I wasn’t actually watching. I turned around to see him sitting proudly in the seat, cheering “Chair! Chair!” with a big grin on his face.

Revisiting the uni halls where Sam and I first met.Read more about that here.

Not sure why we all look so glum. We were having a good time, honest!

Arlo playing a game with his Grandma. This was the Sunday of the long Jubilee weekend.

Sam’s family came to ours for a very rainy barbecue and then we watched a bit of the flotilla on TV. Arlo enjoyed pointing out all the boats (a newly acquired word).

A Jubilee party. Read more about that here.

The last day of the long weekend.

I had a work day (this typically involves sitting at my computer in my pyjamas all day whilst Sam entertains Arlo. It is how I juggle self-employment and a toddler).

Sam has been trying to instill ‘Saturday morning cartoons’ into the weekend routine. Not that this was a Saturday, but who’s counting when it’s a four-day weekend? Much to Sam’s delight, Arlo has now decided that he quite likes watching Adventure Time with him.

Even with my own child, I’m not one of those people who likes slobber or bits of mushed up food anywhere near me.

Unfortunately for me, Arlo has decided to try and feed me his leftovers. On today’s specials menu was lukewarm backwashed milk dregs.Mmmm.

We’ve been getting quite a lot of bang for our buck with this Cbeebies magazine.

Although, rather shamefully, I was surprised to learn that he can point out every single character in the bloody thing.

Everywhere you look, vehicles parked on every available two foot high surface.

We rode the Ninky Nonk today.

Well, sort of. We won tickets to In The Night Garden Live courtesy of Jess’s blog (Mum to Baby Insomniac)

We weren’t sure if Arlo would like it. He is pretty timid when it comes to new experiences, and he doesn’t like sitting still. But it was a hit! He did want to walk around at points, but that was doable as the seating was ampitheatre-style rather than individual seats.

A Sunday Roast.

After writing this post about Arlo’s reluctance to eat anything that isn’t pureed, we’ve been making more of an effort to sit down to an early meal at around 5pm (Sam and I used to eat at 8.30 once Arlo was in bed). It’s really helped, and although I can’t say that his eating has much improved, he has willingly had a taste of every single meal we’ve eaten together.

Waiting whilst I had my eyebrows threaded.

Sam and Arlo playing the ‘blow in the face’ game.

A new plate

Instead of eating his fuit pot, he decided to pour it all out and spread it across the table with his hands.

A month ago, Arlo would never have done this. He had a real thing about getting his hands messy.

‘Helping’ Dada and Grandad build our new shed

Dancing at Crystal Palace Festival

Father’s Day.

Reading Dada book 2.0

He found the weetabix, brought in his own spoon and bowl(s), and then decided it was easier to eat with his hands (of course!).

And I let him do it, because it was funny, and for once the light was half-decent in our living room.


  1. Wonderful photos, awesome varriety and great moments captured. He looks like a very happy little chap and very photogenic.

  2. Oh Goodness – I always love looking at your months – but there is so much to look at and see, I have no idea what to comment about! He seems to have such a full little life!

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