366collagewebresThe final month! Although there are still a large amount of phone photos and days where it was an effort rather than a joy to remember my 366 project, I had a lot more fun with the project this month documenting the countdown to Christmas with a toddler experiencing Christmas excitement for the first time.

20121201Very interested in watching Dada change a flat tyre.

IMG_0354-copyFinding Alf the elf riding your scooter.

bump16weeks-2Helping Mama document the growth of Baby number 2.

IMG_0377-copyOne of your favourite things at the moment is turning up the music and dancing with Dada. “Mama, I’m dancing! I’m dancing, Mama!!”

IMG_0568-copyWe had a bit of snowfall this morning .I have a similar shot of Arlo looking out of the window at the snow from the start of this project, so it was nice to repeat the shot now that he’s almost a year older.

IMG_0570-copy“It’s a candle, Mama. Not a Happy Birthday Cake”. You say this not for my benefit, but more to ensure you don’t get your hopes up that there might be cake on the way.

IMG_0582-copyChoosing our Christmas tree.

IMG_0595-copyHaving fun in the gardens at the Horniman Museum.

20121209Baby 2 at 17 weeks.


IMG_1198-copyThe tree is up, and it’s very exciting!

20121212I attempted to do a bit of Christmas shopping today. One hour of ‘shopping’ and we had to stop twice for snacks and bribes.

20121213Arlo’s special Christmas bauble.

20121214Reading a new book with Grandma and Auntie Zoe.

20121215Meeting Father Christmas. You didn’t want to go up with the other children but you giggled like crazy from the safety of my lap.

20121216Waiting not-so-patiently for cake time at Auntie Sophie’s birthday party.

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