20121116This photo really doesn’t do the canvases any justice, but this is the only photo I took today. It’s lovely having a few of my favourite images on the walls.

20121117We were having an uneventful day at home. Sam decided to wrap Arlo up in this huge roll of brown packaging paper that had arrived with a delivery.

20121118An autumn walk in the woods.

20121119The classic ‘head down whilst playing’ Arlo pose.

20121120You went through a two-week phase of wanting to wear this hat all the time. Never mind that it’s the middle of winter and this is quite clearly a summer hat, or the fact that it now has several large holes in it.

20121121Saying goodbye to Dada as he left for a 12 day business trip.

20121122A walk around Norwood recreation ground.

20121123Tantrum face.

20121124Off to stay with grandma for a few days. I don’t think I could have possibly packed more onto this buggy.

20121125Family cuddle on the sofa.

20121126You found a new hat at grandma’s house that you insisted on wearing.

20121127Scooting down grandma’s hallway.

20121128A photo we sent to Dada whilst he was away.

20121129I put in an order for my mum to make Arlo a stocking like the ones me and my siblings had.

20121130Back in Norwood and the frost is setting in.

November in photos:



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