I’m realising that being a toddler of Arlo’s age is all about habits, routines, and repeated behaviours, actions, and activities. Arlo’s quirks are a huge part of his personality at the moment, so I’ve been trying to capture and preserve some of his habits through the lens.

This hastily snapped iphone picture is the only photo I took today, and so automatically qualifies for a place in the 366 project. Arlo has taken a liking to Sam’s frisby golf discs. He likes to take them out individually and line them up on the floor in this very methodical way.

I went over to my family’s house to borrow some camera equipment from my brother. A trip to this house means cuddles with Oscar the dog.

Sam brought home a golden charity shop find for Arlo. It’s a singing, moving Thomas complete with truck.

Note the one discarded sock – a particular favourite trick of Arlo’s.

He hands me his shoes all the time.

Sometimes it means he wants to go outside. Sometimes, he just wants to wear them around the house.

Arlo loves shoes.

Playing the piano at Grandma and Grandad’s house.

I took the lie-in while my domesticated boyfriend cooked fresh scones for our very indulgent breakfast.

A bank holiday walk in the woods. My new favourite father and son shot.

It’s all about tunnels. What’s a train without a tunnel?

Arlo figured out (all by himself) that he can use his walker as a makeshift tunnel.

Every evening, he grabs his bedtime bottle from me in the kitchen, and heads to this perch to watch In the Night Garden.

It’s his spot.

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