I wanted to call this post ‘Back in the Habit’ ala Sister Act 2, until I realised that that title is nothing without the nun pun.

The past couple of weeks have been pretty miserable weather-wise. I was getting quite stumped as to how to get away from the same old boring indoor shots for the 366, which is when I decided to focus on Arlo’s habits. I’m really pleased that I did, as it’s been a really great way to convey his personality as a one-and-a -half year old.

The crayons are being better received these days.

He watches as I draw the animals and then he tells me what they are.

Looking out of the front window.

This old game is still a favourite.

I purchased these wellies after our muddy walk in the woods.

He loves them and always asks to wear them.

Tiny toddler wellies are possibly the cutest shoes ever.

I’m a bit sad about this particular habit of Arlo’s.

He seems to prefer to eat alone rather than have me sit with him.

On his own, he will sometimes actually eat his meals.

So, these days I busy myself with other things whilst he’s eating.

You might think I’m mean for grabbing the camera when he was having a meltdown.

But tantrums are such a typical part of toddlerhood that they are screaming out to be documented.

This tantrum came out of nowhere. I can’t remember if anything actually triggered it.

He laid on the floor for a good fifteen minutes, occasionally lifting his head to check I was watching his ‘show’. It’s so dramatic that I can’t help but laugh.

Kitchen bowling.

This is one of our rainy day games.

We bowl the ball back and forth to each other through the doorway from the dining room to the kitchen.

He used to be so enthusiastic about reading books with me.

He still is, but now I often find him quietly reading to himself too.

I’ve already mentioned that Arlo loves shoes.

Rearranging the shoes is one of his favourite games.

I snapped this as he was moving the shoes from their home in the dining room to the living room, one by one.

One of the things we started doing whilst the weather wasn’t very inspiring was to go for short walks along the main road.

A change of scenery and a bit of (not-so-fresh) air without risking the longer trip to the park in case of a sudden downpour.

Arlo is never happier than when he is somewhere where he can watch trains, cars, ‘neenaws’, and vans.

I feel perfectly safe doing this with him on the reins. Once I got over the feeling of walking a dog on a lead, I realised that the dinosaur backpack is very useful for this purpose.

Note the wellies? He insisted he wear them rather than his trainers.


  1. This is such a cute post! And for me with an almost one-year-old it’s great getting a picture of what things could be like in the months to come. There were so many bits which made me smile, especially the shoe rearranging!

  2. Makes me think I should try and capture some of Isabel’s tantrums. The random for-no-reason ones are often hilarious. #meanmummy

  3. Oh the pictures he is dramatically rolling around the floor are hilarious… indeed! Although you feel sad for their despair during these moments you sometimes can not but laugh to yourself!

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