Puppies, babies, grass – all things that grow extremely quickly.

My attempt at spelling Arlo with a missing letter ‘O’.

What a difference three weeks makes – we have grass!

This photo is a bit misleading, it’s a lot more patchy in real life (round two of grass seed should sort that out).

Fruit pot. Currently the only way to get Arlo to eat fruit. We’ve even tried putting homemade fruit puree into the same pot, but he’s not fooled.

Every day, he points to the cupboard and signs ‘please’, signalling that he’s done with his main course and it’s time for dessert.  Fruit pots have become an after-dinner ritual.

Every now and again, when I look at his face, I get glimpses of what he might look like at four or six years old. A grown up boy.

My attempt at getting a non-blurry shot of a toddler and puppy together – dump them both on Sam and tell him to grip tightly.

He plays ‘Boo’ over the arm of this sofa. Not so long ago, his eyes only just peeped over the top of the sofa. I realised when taking this shot that he’s now a whole head and a half taller.

I don’t notice his growth every day, but then something like this creates a comparison and blows my mind how fast he is developing.


So, that’s another month wrapped and one third of the year documented.

Sam has been getting more and more involved with the project, often making suggestions for photo of the day, and contributing his own shots. It’s really nice to have this as a family project – maybe by the end of the year we will even have a photo or two taken by Arlo himself!

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