366collagewebresIt’s all done! I have another post on the way with more detail on my thoughts upon finishing the year-long project, but for now here are the final lot of photos from December:

IMG_9821-copyIt’s pretty much unheard of for you to eat vegetables (I think you ate a carrot in October) so we were very excited today when you decided to eat your peas.

IMG_1238-copyAt our usual duck-watching spot at Norwood Country Park.

IMG_0243-copy“Where’s Ar-oh?….There he is!” It never gets old for you.

20121220Visiting family for a few days and you got straight to work playing with the ‘new-to-you’  train track.

20121221 I don’t know whether it was the big boy stools, the plastic fork, or the fact that you were eating the same as Dada, but you were so happy with this lunch from the 99p jacket potato cafe. We take you to all the best places.

IMG_1254-copyPizza and movie night in the living room.

IMG_1266-copyA Christmas Eve Eve walk in Crystal Palace Park.

IMG_1280-copyBedtime on Christmas Eve. Leaving your stocking out for Father Christmas.

IMG_1287-copyWow! There are presents inside!

IMG_1337-copy1-2-3…Weeee! The best game ever.

IMG_1210-copyWhen Dada shaves, you like to do ‘Silly Chin’.

Here’s elf doing silly chin too:

IMG_1260-copyIMG_1408-copyAn outtake from Baby 2’s 20 week shot. I don’t know what I was thinking with this photo – I’m in my pajamas with still-drying hair, but of course Arlo is in his best outfit. Plus the whole thing looks awkward. Still, it’s a family shot, and I might decide I like it one day.

IMG_1454-copyA trip to London Aquarium with Tommy. We knew you’d like it, but we weren’t prepared for just how much you liked it. You were the shouty, squealing child that could be heard from a mile off.

IMG_1500-copyFirst time playing with Play-Doh.

IMG_1521-copyI can’t believe it took me until December to by a remote so we could take shots of the three (and a half) of us!

I had real trouble deciding which photo to pick out of this series of shots we took on New Year’s Eve. In the end, I decided that the one where we are all smiling will most likely end up on our wall where we will see it every day, whereas this one where Sam is pulling a funny face and Arlo is sporting his cheesy grin was a better fit for the end of our 366 project – which has been all about showing our lives and personalities rather than picture-perfect portraits.

December in photos:



  1. A lovely set of photos again Chloe and a big pat on the back for managing to complete the 366 Project in 2012 – quite an achievement! Love that pic of the 3 of you lying on the bed – Arlo looks so adorable the way he’s smiling 🙂 Happy New Year to you all xxx

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