There are only a few days left to vote in the Britmum’s BiB Awards, which means only a few more days of me pestering you for votes (unless miracle of miracles happens and I make it through to the next round, in which case god help you all).

I’m in the Snap! Photography category. You can vote here.


Arlo brought me the phone and said ‘Dada’. So, we called Dada, and suddenly Arlo went shy. Of course, he cried as soon as Dada hung up.

Wait, what just happened? Did I just walk straight into that gate behind me? I don’t think anyone saw. Turn around slowly and style it out.

Arlo and I had a coffee and biscuit date.

Another Sam photo. Taken whilst I was at the Save the Children conference. A first sandpit adventure for Arlo. Apparently, he was happy (I had assumed he would hate it seeing as he detests having dirty hands).

We went to the pub. I didn’t take any inspiring photos today, so we’re left with this shot of Arlo sleeping (he slept for two whole hours…in the pub!), and Sam looking at his pint as if there is a fly in it.

The boy strikes the funniest lounging poses.

Crayons have now become exciting.

But still not as exciting as trains.


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