Arlo has become a right little chatterbox recently. He’s having another spurt of learning new words every day, and he’s starting to link words together to make small phrases (red car, more cheese, two trains, etc). It’s difficult to convey his speech developments with images alone, but this is where the little descriptions I write for each image come in handy. I’d like to remember all his mispronunciations so that when he’s mastered the whole talking properly thing we can say “Remember when he used to call biscuits ‘Mimics’?”

Watching the Wimbledon final at my mum’s. Arlo was about as interested as I was.

Forts have been this week’s big thing.

These crayons are solely responsible for Arlo learning colours.

He would hold each one up and I would tell him the colour. It wasn’t long before he could identify them himself.

We now have Bwack, Geen, Boo, Ho Ho, Orin, Pik, and Reh. (Black, green, blue, yellow, orange, pink and red.)

Grandad bought Arlo this bubble gun. He can’t quite activate the trigger himself yet, so this is Arlo’s face when he’s demanding I do “Bubble” for him. It’s also being used as my secret weapon for toddler photo shoots.

Eating chuck-choc mimic (chocolate biscuit).

He understands all too well when I say “All finished now”, so there are usually tears and tantrums after any kind of chocolate has been consumed.

Recently, the first thing he has been saying to people when he sees them is “Chuck-choc?”.

He walks around at home muttering “Chuck-choc? …Nah! Chuck-choc…Nah!” as he anticipates my answer.

Holding his new baby. He’s a natural.

I love the way he says “Oooh beeebeee, aww” when he cuddles his doll, very sweet.

Backstage at the Popchoir summer concert.

It was great fun, but over so quickly and now I’m on a bit of a choir comedown as we don’t have any more rehearsals or performances until September and Lambeth Country Fair.

Arlo eating my breakfast…happens every morning.

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