The title of this post has nothing to do with this past week’s project 366 images. It’s just a phrase that Arlo keeps muttering to himself and it seems to be catching as now Sam and I can’t stop saying it too. “Beebee…. Dogch! Beebee….Dogch!” and so on. For those that don’t speak Arlo, it means Baby Dog.

Still in the midst of the rainiest July ever, we kept timing our outings just as it was beginning to pour.

The problem is that now Arlo understands and remembers everything, if you’ve said we’re going out only to open the front door and be greeted by a downpour, you can’t take back your word.

We managed to get to the park before the heavens really opened and we had to shelter underneath these trees.

Milk countdown.

He never used to understand why we teased him by pouring his milk and then hiding it in the microwave for a minute or so. So, in an effort to stop him screaming, we made it into a game.

He now waits patiently for the last ten seconds when we start to countdown to milk time. Sometimes, if he’s not feeling so patient, he’ll start shouting “Two! Two! Two!” at us (Arlo’s version of the countdown). He always does a loud “BEEEEEEEP!” when it finishes.

Arlo doesn’t like playgrounds at the moment.

Meeting Dada at the train station after work.

Suddenly, he’s afraid of bridges and freezes before begging me to carry him across.

With Grandma and Auntie Sophie at his great uncle’s birthday party

Beebee ducks at Kelsey Park

Mama and Arlo’s day out at the Olympic Torch Relay

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