I often find him sitting here quietly reading his books.

Sometimes when I say “Shall we read a book?” he prefers to read on his own.

We went to a soft play place for the first time. Well, actually it was more of a cafe with a small soft play area at the side. Don’t think I’m brave enough for proper soft play yet!

I didn’t get a photo of his first ball pit adventure, because he was crying for me to get him out within ten seconds. He got knocked over quite roughly a couple of times whilst toddling around the other things in the soft play bit, so I’m pretty sure soft play has now been cemented as pure evil in his head, which is fine by me.

He did enjoy the balloon given to him on the way out though.

This is the sort of thing my odd toddler likes to get up to in the garden. He climbs into that chair (that he calls ‘Arlo chair’) and sits quietly surveying his surroundings.

A rainy walk to the swimming pool.

We first took Arlo swimming when he was four months old. Aside from a couple of quick dips in Cyprus last September, he hasn’t been in a swimming pool since. His eczema got very bad after the first time we took him, so swimming got struck off our list of activities, and it was only the other day that it occurred to us to give it another go.

I  watched from the viewing bit. We were expecting him to be apprehensive (in typical Arlo fashion) and maybe even refuse to go in. So I was very proud to see him stride confidently out of the changing rooms with a big fat grin on his face, no fear at all. He loved it, and it apart from complaints from Arlo that his skin was itchy for the days following, it hasn’t visibly caused a flare-up.

My favourite shot from our trip to the lavender fields.

I was busy for five minutes, I turned around to find Arlo had climbed in his buggy and attempted to put his shoes on.

My camera was right next to me, so this was exactly as I found him. Could he have given me a bigger hint that he wanted to go out?? Unfortunately for Arlo, it was bedtime, so his wish was not granted.

Arlo thinks stickers are really special. He gets this one every week at the end of his toddler signing class. It entertains him for the duration of the car journey home, “Oooooh sticker! Ooooh sticker!”, and he wears it with pride for the rest of the day.

He always likes to sit on his dog like this, it makes me laugh.

Our new canvas, read more about that here.

I love that 10 months after the photo on the canvas was taken, he still has that same sticky-up tuft of hair at the back of his head.

Fifteen minutes he stood there, just staring at the ants. Another one of my toddler’s strange habits.

Al fresco breakfast (we unscrewed the legs of our indoor table so we could fit it through the garden door to eat outside that day).

There is absolutely no context for this sign, apart from the fact that sea creatures are Arlo’s favourite thing at the moment, but that is the Octopus sign he is doing.

Sam was off work today because I was ill, so he was in charge of taking today’s photos.

Arlo and dada had quite a few adventures, but the thing Arlo enjoyed the most was playing with these fluffy things and watching them float through the air… I don’t know the official word for them (Sam calls them fairies?)

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