A few minutes after this was taken, I was up on those statue steps singing with 100 other Popchoir flashmobbers as we helped a young chap propose to his stunned girlfriend.

It’s on YouTube.

Extremely cheesy, but extremely fun.


The most peaceful part of our day involved a train station.

I think he could happily sit on the platform all day.


The neighbours cat came to visit again.

I was so pleased that my camera was right next to me for this moment. I had taken it up to Arlo’s room with the intention of capturing an entirely different shot.

Just chilling by my window, minding my own business

Hold the phone, it’s a ‘Ma’! (Arlo-speak for cat)

Seriously, if any local window cleaners are reading this, knock on the door. It’ll be an easy sell.

Arlo was so excited. But Basil wasn’t happy to be chased around the room, so he left as quickly as he’d appeared.

Arlo was a bit put out.

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