39 weeks pregnant

I’m getting a bit impatient now. Impatient to get the whole labour thing out of the way. Impatient to meet the baby. I never had this with Arlo, I never felt ‘ready’. I think I could have happily gone very overdue as the thought of it all happening was quite overwhelming. I think this feeling of impatience is heightened at the moment as this was the stage that I went into labour with Arlo (39 plus 3, and he was born at 39 plus 4).

We’ve pretty much sorted everything at this stage. All that remains is to give the house a quick tidy once things start happening. We’ve been able to spend more quality time with Arlo, which has been really nice.

I’m still feeling pretty comfortable and energetic (which makes me think this baby is going to keep us waiting for a while longer!) The only real complaint is that my hips are starting to ache from all the pressure of having to lie on my side at night. This happened with Arlo at around 37 weeks too, but it’s nothing that an extra pillow can’t sort out.

On sunday, I spent all day from 9am-3pm either driving or walking, and by the end my legs were not thanking me! I had some really sore muscles for a day or two, and it was a struggle to walk up the stairs! So although I still feel energetic, my body is trying to remind me that there are limitations to how far I should push myself.

I think I’ve had a few periods of braxton hicks, which I never had with Arlo. And for a few days I had a dull backache and was almost starting to think this could be the start of things….but it wasn’t.

I have a  feeling that I’m going to go overdue by quite a way (even though I’m sure I did actually go overdue with Arlo, the only difference this time round is that we have a completely accurate date for when this baby was conceived). We shall see…



  1. Ahhhhhhh, baby clothes all freshly washed and ready for a baby to wear them just makes me go all gooey. I’m so excited for you. And I can’t wait to hear the news.
    I was lucky and felt pretty good and relaxed, if impatient, at the end of both my pregnancies. But the day of going into labour both times I felt completely full of rage. Like real, proper anger. At everything. So maybe watch out for that.
    I hope you aren’t waiting too long. x

  2. Well.. Hopefully you won’t go over or at least not by much! I am uncomfortable all the time. Walking is agony. Braxton Hicks all the time.. Lots of aches & pains.. I’m trying to hope these are good signs but I got to 42 weeks with Ethan. Let’s keep fingers crossed they don’t keep us waiting too long.. X

  3. what a cute picture at the end – almost makes me feel broody.

    Hopefully it all starts for you soon, my Granny always told me to get down and scrub the floor to start labour but luckily my waters broke before I had to resort to that. Good luck x

  4. I can remember cleaning and getting my house ready every single day for the last four and a half weeks of my pregnancy! I didn’t want the midwife to turn up and find my house a mess! x

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