32 weeks pregnant

My energy levels seem to have made a full return. (I think having Sam and his cooking skills back has helped a lot – Arlo and I were mostly existing on junk and processed food whilst he was away). I’m feeling really very well at this stage in pregnancy, which I am very grateful for. I don’t remember it being this easy with Arlo, but then I had a stressful job and a house purchase to contend with.

We are still on course for a homebirth and I’m enjoying getting to know my midwife more before the big day. The more I think about being at home, the more I feel completely relaxed about the whole thing, it feels like completely the right thing for me. Sam would still rather be in hospital, so it is me that has pushed our decision to try for a homebirth. I don’t feel great about the fact that it’s all on my shoulders if it doesn’t go to plan, but at the same time I am pretty optimistic about how it will go… and one of us had to make a decision at some point.

We are still not sure what position the baby is in. At my appointment with the midwife last week, we found the heart below my belly button, which would indicate that he/she is head down, but then there is a round hard lump just below my ribs. We think it’s the bum, but it could still be the head. The midwife reckons she will have a much clearer idea in a couple of weeks time at our next appointment.

That hard lump pokes into my ribs on the right-hand side and makes me wish my body could stretch a few inches longer to give more room. I had this exact same discomfort with Arlo.

IMG_5462-copy IMG_5472-copyArlo wasn’t too keen on standing on the stool for this set of photos (he’s too short to fit in the shot holding the frame), so we had to enlist Sam’s help to hold him up, hence the very awkward feel of these photos.

I’ve started to think about getting things ready. Writing lists of everything we need to dig out from the loft, etc. I don’t think we’ll start doing this until I get to about 36 weeks though, as there’s no point washing and cleaning all the baby gear just to have it hanging around the house for another month.

I’m wearing the most random clothing combinations at the moment. I was kind of counting on warmer weather for the latter part of my pregnancy, and I have a lot of long tops/leggings/cardigans combos that would work perfectly….if it weren’t minus 3 degrees. My coat and thick jumpers no longer do up. The other day I went out in a summer maxi-dress with Sam’s baggy hoody over the top, and topped off my outfit with clumpy walking boots – totally shapeless and completely mismatched, and I still wasn’t very warm. Having never been very pregnant over the winter months, I can now officially say that cold weather pregnancy style is a tough one unless you buy specific seasonal items.

Sam has had a change of heart on my favourite boy’s name, so we’re currently trying to work through that and see if there are any other options that we both like. Bit of a bummer, as I’m convinced that that is our name, in my head nothing else comes close. It’s not a definite no though, so I still have time to convince him. Failing that, I’m not afraid to pull the ‘I’ve just given birth’ trump card.

32 weeks pregnant


The Britmums Brilliance in Blogging Awards are now open for nominations. I was absolutely thrilled to be a finalist in the photo category last year, and it helped immensely with my confidence when I was just setting up as a portrait/family photographer.

Shortlisted bloggers will be a mix of blogs receiving the highest number of votes, and blogs chosen by the Birtmums panel – I am a big fan of this way of doing things, as I think it allows brilliant blogs that are only just getting established, or bloggers from a different crowd, to stand a better chance of being recognised for their great content.

If you would like to vote for me, there is a badge at the top right corner of the blog… or just click here.


  1. I completely did an about-turn on our boys name about a month before my due date with the little man. We relegated it to a middle name and decided we preferred around more. But when he arrived that first choice was just so clearly HIS name! We both just knew. So just keep pestering away and if it’s a boy, then Sam will maybe just feel that it’s ‘right’.

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