30 weeks pregnant

I have felt overwhelmingly tired this past week, it seems my energy levels in this pregnancy have finally plummited. At first, I was worried that I’d just forgotten how things felt in the third trimester and that this tiredness would be it from here on in. But I am starting to regain energy now so I think it’s actually a combination of Sam being away for so long, unexpected side effects of the Whooping Cough jab (it seems to have made me super drowsy), and the fact that Arlo and I have both been a bit under the weather this week.

The ‘bump’ (I hate that word), seems to following the same path as it did in Arlo’s pregnancy and not growing that immense towards the later weeks. When I saw the nurse for my jab, she actually didn’t believe that I was 30 weeks pregnant. I used to get a bit sensitive when people would comment on the small size of Arlo’s ‘bump’, mainly because healthcare professionals acted as if it was something of concern, and so I was concerned. I was sent for various growth scans towards the end of my pregnancy – Most notably, when I was 36 weeks and measuring a good 4 inches behind on the fundal height,  the midwife told me “Don’t worry, I’ll send you for another scan now and if there is a problem, you are almost full-term so we can just arrange to have the baby whipped out later today” (!!) Anyway, Arlo came out fully cooked and weighing 8lbs, so I’m not worried one bit with this pregnancy. Bodies carry pregnancy in different ways.

It’s difficult to remember, but I feel that this baby is a lot quieter than Arlo was on the whole. Movements are more subtle, he or she seems more chilled out than womb-Arlo (god, I hope this translates to real-life). I haven’t even felt hiccups yet – something that I know I had felt a lot with Arlo by this stage.

We’ve not bought anything for the baby yet. There’s really not much to get, and I’ve been putting off list-making because I know it will lead me to want to buy things we don’t need. But I will inevitably make some sort of list at some point, and a few things will probably be purchased.

As we get closer to the end of this pregnancy, I’m starting to actually imagine the baby being here, and specifically imagining Arlo as a big brother. The baby is still a big topic of conversation for Arlo. Before when he’d ask when the baby would be coming out, it was difficult to explain to him that we had four or five months to wait – he doesn’t understand that length of time! Now it feels like not long to wait at all until we’ll be introducing him to his new sibling.

On the subject of introductions – Do you think there is an important way to go about it? How did you introduce your children? Is it best to introduce Arlo in a very low-key way and spend a bit of time with just Sam, me and the baby there? (As the only child, he’s very much used to being the centre of attention with extended family, I’d feel awful for him to feel pushed out on his first meeting when he sees other people making a fuss of the baby – is this a really silly concern?)

30 weeks pregnant


  1. Reading this I was trying to think back to what we did with Izz & Oliver so that I could share… but I can’t remember. Not a single thing! Slightly scary.

    Anyway, I don’t know if you’ve bought any books or anything for Arlo re: new baby but I have a couple I can send you way if you give me your address. Just let me know 🙂

    1. Ha, the fact that you can’t remember just illustrates that introductions don’t really matter in the grand scheme of things. I’m sure Arlo will be fine with whatever, it’s more to ease any guilty feelings I might have about suddenly bringing a newborn onto the scene.

      Thank you very much for the offer of the books, we’ve actually been lent no less than THREE new baby books by a friend, all of which Arlo is very keen on…he’s probably more prepared than I am!

  2. I found that my tiredness came and went lots in this pregnancy but for the most of it I have felt pretty exhausted! I’m not too worried about the introduction of Iyla and the new baby but I have heard to make sure when you have people visiting that you have told them beforehand to say hi to the older child first and not just rush over to look at the baby. This makes sense and I’m going to make sure I tell everyone. I am a bit worried as Iyla does literally have our full attention all the time but hopefully it will be okay! Xx

    1. Sounds like a good idea RE people visiting. I’m sure Arlo won’t be short of attention, he’s so good at commanding it! Think I’m just feeling a bit concerned about it as part of my guilt of suddenly going from one baby to two, but in all likelihood he’ll just accept the changes and move on as he does with most things.

  3. The whopping cough jab really effected me with energy levels if I remember rightly, I was also measuring small and sent for scans, both boys came out a healthy 7lb 10 and 14oz so think some people just hide them well 🙂

    As for introductions…I can’t remember too much but it wasn’t exactly how we had planned. I would have liked it to be us showing off new baby alone with Alex but as Alex was in Wales with the family they brought him back half asleep/moody from a tiring day and he wasn’t the slightest bit interested in Sam. The next morning was perfect though, he came in our bedroom and we all had a nice snuggle in bed. In the grand scheme of things I don’t think it really matters, Alex took to Sam from the word ‘go’ luckily so I’m sure Arlo will too. (Not saying we didn’t have the odd bit of jealousy mind you)! x

    1. Ah, that’s something I hadn’t thought about but you are right, Arlo is quite likely to be grumpy/tired when he comes home, and when he’s in that mood he’s having none of it!

  4. I had everything bought/prepared very very early my second pregnancy. When we introduced P1 to her new sister it was done at the hospital. I wanted her to meet her straight away so she wasn’t left out whilst everyone talked about the new arrival. P2 bought her big sister a present. P1 loves teddies.

    1. Oh yes, the present is VERY important. Arlo already knows he’s getting one from his new sibling and talks about it ALL THE TIME… need to order it before I forget!

  5. How exciting! I think we will introduce Little Vintage to baby on her own, so that the focus is on her bonding with her brother. We’ve even bought her a ‘big sister’ tee as a meeting gift from her brother as I want her to feel special when he’s born!

  6. I saw a video clip about birth and baby size that suggested growth scans could be up to 60% out! And a well respected obstetrician likened taking baby measurements from scans to trying to measure the inside trouser leg of a man that you’re watching swim in a glass tank through a window. At 30 weeks people were already saying ‘any day now then?’ as my bump was so big. When I left work at 36 weeks my bump measured 45” and was 48” by the time E arrived. My fundus measurement was always spot on and the midwife assured me it was all fluid but it was actually mostly baby at 10lb 20z. Anyway you know you’re body, you’ve been here before so listen to your own wisdom

  7. They do like to worry us pregnant ladies don’t they? Midwives repeatedly told me I was ahead on the fundal measurement with both of mine, but my wildlife last time pointed out that I carry quite narrow, so that would make sense.
    I thought a lot about how our two were introduced and I made sure that when he came in to meet his baby sister that I wasn’t holding her. He came to me for a cuddle, looked at her briefly in the crib and we played for a bit. She was then held by my mum and dad, then daddy, and then me. So by the time he saw we holding her he was used to her. I’d just say don’t push it. I was desperate for photos of my two together but I waited until he was happy with the arrangement. He finally held her properly at about 3 weeks and looked like the cat who got the cream, so it was worth it.
    Just take Arlo’s lead. But I’m sure he’ll be amazing. X

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