24 weeks is a bit of a milestone as it means the baby has reached the stage of medical viability. (For those not in the know about all things pregnancy – 24 weeks is deemed to be the earliest point at which a fetus could survive outside of the womb, and therefore doctors will take steps to save the baby if anything were to happen. The baby also becomes recognised as a person in a legal sense, and is entitled to a birth certificate, and death certificate instead of being classed as a miscarriage). After what we’ve been through up to this point , 24 weeks feels a very good stage to be at.


All is still going swimmingly with this pregnancy. The headaches have mostly gone (so maybe the new glasses have helped?), I’m not getting the best night’s sleep but I’m still not feeling too tired. If I sit down in one position for too long, when I move I get stiffness and pain in my pelvis towards my back. When I’ve been walking for a while or walking too quickly, I get the same pain but in the front of my pelvis. Sometimes these can be sharp, shooting pains which stop me in my tracks, but mostly it’s a dull ache. I had the exact same thing with Arlo as a result of the extra amounts of relaxin in my body thanks to pregnancy, and it never got worse than this so it’s a pretty minor complaint.

Arlo is still asking his daily questions about when the baby is coming out of Mama’s tummy to give him his Emily train as a present.

Sam and I need to come to an agreement on where we are having this baby (I’ve really warmed to the idea of a homebirth whereas Sam remains adamant that it’s just not practical / wouldn’t be comfortable in our house judging from how I was when in labour with Arlo – I have a whole separate post coming up on this subject).

Time is neither going particularly slowly or fast, at the moment this pregnancy is mostly just slotting in very naturally with our day-to-day lives.

24 weeks pregnantMessing around with the camera remote again. I haven’t managed to get the focus as good as it is when I’m behind the camera, and I have to use a not-so-great quality lens in order to fit us into the frame when I’m taking photos with tripod and remote. But regardless of quality, these snapshots are definitely keepers.


  1. I remember feeling great relief at 24 weeks, because you know that baby has some chance should anything happen. I love your photos, such a great idea and something nice for you all to look back on.

  2. On the homebirth thing Mr M was worried about how we’d cope with Bigger at a homebirth – our midwife reassured us that most babies come at night and the siblings don’t wake up and there are extra pairs of hands to look after them

    He did keep fretting about it but eventually gave in when I explained how I was going to be labouring, I needed a plan set in place and I felt that I wanted to be at home and could we please just get it to work so I could relax and focus on the other things

    In the end Littler arrived at home, Mr looked after Bigger and we then all had a lovely time cuddled up together in our bed getting to know each other – it was a really positive experience for us (and much better than first time around)

    1. Still hoping he can be persuaded. I just want to be left to get on with it without concentrating on the interruption of the journey to the hospital. Think Arlo will stay elsewhere regardless as I worry about what we do with him in the event of an emergency transfer to hospital.

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