potty training tips

1. Potty training is not always something that is done and dusted within a week. It could take a month, three months, six months.

2. Don’t be disheartened by accidents, especially in the early days. Accidents aren’t setbacks, they are an important part of the learning process.

3. Get the Potette Plus. Just get it.

4. Don’t decide to delve into the world of cloth nappies with your baby at the same time as potty training your toddler or you will suddenly feel like your life is one big vicious circle of cleaning poo out of clothes.

5. You will confer with your partner about your child’s latest toiletting updates in front of your child-free friends. They will wonder if it’s really necessary to discuss it in such detail. They will find themselves having to clap and cheer an expectant toddler along with the rest of us if they are lucky enough to be around when a potty success occurs.

6. Every man and even his freaking dog will tell you that the magic secret to getting your toddler to like pants more than wearing a nappy is to take him to a shop choose his favourite pants.  Even though this was the very first thing you did. Three months ago. You know your child. If you are uncertain that new pants and sticker rewards will cut it, they probably won’t.

7. It’s really easy to forget you have a potty training child. Like when you are in a nice pub and your toddler has just downed a pint of apple juice. Or when you take a toddler and newborn to the shopping centre, trying to find a dress to wear at a wedding. You know the saying ‘Always check for the nearest exit?’  Well, before that, always, ALWAYS, check for your nearest toilet.

8. Clothing choice is vital – The difference between buttons, poppers, and stretchy waistbands will become very clear, very quickly. Dungarees and playsuits are bloody cute. LOVE dungarees. But not on a potty training child.

9. Remember that a potty is for tipping out CRAP. Don’t be tempted by an all-singing-all dancing potty. You’ll want the smallest, lightest one available. Preferably with a spout for pouring out wee. WHY DON’T THEY MAKE ALL POTTYS WITH A SPOUT??

10. You will lose all sense of where and when is appropriate to pull out a potty in a public place. When your child needs to go, anywhere is appropriate…until you clock the shocked expression on the faces of onlookers. Oops.


This is potty training attempt two with Arlo, and it’s going well – we are out of the house. In pants. Using toilets…. I live in fear of a poo accident in public.




  1. Just spent 40 minutes with my daughter reading books on the potty only for her to announce that she’d like a nappy now. put nappy on, she wee’s, take nappy off. potty training is driving me crazy. well done you!

  2. Great tips! The combination of a pourty (for at home) and a potette (for out and about) totally saved my sanity. In fact even though he’s happy using a toilet now, I still take the potette out with us for picnics and days out so we never get caught short.
    I would say the biggest pain for me, is that going from only having to carry a couple of spare nappies for him, to suddenly having to carry full changes of clothes plus additional spare pants. But it’s definitely better than changing umpteen nappies a day.
    Glad Arlo is doing well. x

  3. So true, every one. There’s also that moment when you’re in the car 10 minutes after they swore blind they didn’t need to go and a little voice cheers “Mummmeee ….” – never have I waited so impatiently at every red light on the rest of the way to nursery!

  4. Even though I’m in the middle of toilet training our second child I had forgotten lots from the first time. I think you blank out the bad bits and just remember the success? Anyway we are getting there are our potette arrived in the post today! We are off on holiday next week and I thought it might be handy so I’m glad to hear you liked it!

  5. Love these! We are still not there at all, we are definitely doing the months long approach. It’s hard because every time Jobey is feeding Iyla decides she wants a wee but when I take her she changes her mind, it’s a bit annoying! I’m in no rush though and all my friends who forced their kids out of nappies have kids who either poo in their pants every single time or have been holding in their poos for so long they are taking laxatives. I can’t be dealing with that! x

  6. HAHA! Loved this. We are working on my 2 year old who is more willing to put a diaper on than have us keep reminding her to go. Now I’ve started telling her when I go to the potty, so she knows that everyone goes and it’s all icky! She’ll get it and I am not worried, but it’s good to hear tips that are realistic. 🙂

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