Yesterday was a huge day.

Arlo fell asleep in his rocker chair. This has never happened before. I always have to take him for a walk for his naps.

I was so amazed, I kept peeking back into the room every two minutes because I couldn’t quite believe it. It was a short nap of half an hour, but it was just so nice to see him decide to sleep when he felt like it and take enough sleep as he needed.

I have seen improvements with his sleep in the last few weeks. He no longer fidgets, arches and screams when trying to get him to sleep, nor for the whole hour before bedtime. His naps last longer than fifteen minutes. He has stopped making his ‘sleep noises’, a drawn out moan signaling that he was finally ready give up the fight and doze off. Most of the time, he is down to just one wake-up/feed during the night. In general, he seems more relaxed about sleep and open to the idea that it might be good for him.

I’m sure the nap in the chair was a one-off, but I am so happy that he finally did it by himself.

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