Normally in December, I document our family’s build up to Christmas on this blog. However, this year, it’s all taking place on Youtube.

I’ve been making Youtube videos for a while now, since Rory was a baby. And at one point was even doing a regular week in our lives style video, which I really loved doing, and it’s so lovely to have those videos to look back on.

But I never really pushed myself to put regular content on Youtube. It was just something I did on a whim, when I felt like it. And more often than not, that was very irregularly, as it takes a fair amount of time to film, edit and upload a video.

This year, I decided to take part in Vlogmas over on Youtube. Most people know what that is and are probably sick to death of the word by now, but if you don’t happen to know what Vlogmas is, it is where you upload a daily video throughout December as a countdown to Christmas.

I had a few clear ideas of what I wanted to get out of doing a challenge like Vlogmas. I wanted talking to a camera to become more of a habit, and less like something that feels incredibly weird. I wanted to capture video memories of our family whilst they are so young. And I wanted to capture Christmas time, because it’s such a busy, fun and exciting time of year for our family.

We are 18 days into Vlogmas now, so that’s 18 videos filmed and uploaded to Youtube. And I feel like I have learnt so much. It’s definitely been worthwhile, and I am keen to continue with regular ‘day /week in our lives’ style videos in some form or another.

I spend a lot of time on my usual Youtube videos. The perfectionist in me likes my video ideas to be fully realised, and quite honestly that takes a lot of time and commitment. It’s hard to do that, and try and blog regularly too, and try not to neglect my Instagram feed too much. I tend to find that I let my creative urge take over and give myself entirely to one medium at a time, depending on what I’m most enjoying at any one time. I’m not good at having a balanced or strategist social media ‘plan’, I always create what I want, when I feel like it.

The lovely thing about Vlogmas has been learning to let go. My Vlogmas isn’t about masterpiece videos with complex editing and perfectly timed music. There are no rules, and you can see my entirely ‘true to the blog name’ messy house. There are no worries about whether the content is engaging enough, I have literally just filmed our everyday life and shown it as it is.

I’d love it if you fancied popping along to my Youtube channel to check out what we’ve been up to in December. Here are a few of my favourite videos from our Vlogmas month so far:



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