(Forgot to post this when he was actually nine months old. Hes about to turn one…Woops)

We’ve had our little Otto in our lives as long as he spent growing inside me.

During those nine months, he has become more and more of a personality, and there are a few things I want to jot down for memories sake.

Ever since you were a young baby, you’ve made these squealy gurgles. My hunch that these sounds were your way of announcing your pleasure at whatever was happening has turned out to be spot on. Your cute little coos and teeny squeals have now developed into full pitched exultations of delight.

You adore your big brothers – grinning as soon as you spot them and are reunited after school pick-up. When you spy one of your brothers making a beeline for you on your playmat, your arms flap up and down excitedly, accompanied of course by that little squeal – delighted that someone is coming to play with you.

You are cheeky. You’ve recently worked out how to initiate games like peekabo and kisses. We have come to know the glint in your eye that means you are trying your best to goad someone into playing with you, making you chuckle. You love being thrown in the air.

The cuddles at this age are some of my favourites. When you were a young baby, you had no option to be floppy, to mold yourself into me as you were held. Now, when you lean into me for a quiet cuddle, it is purposeful. Now, you seek the affection and I adore sharing those cuddly moments with you.

You are the definition of an ‘easy’ baby. Whilst you don’t sleep through the night (and, three babies in, I wouldn’t even expect it at this stage!), you are the most happy, chilled baby. This might be a third baby thing, but sometimes, I can even momentarily forget you are there – so happy and content you are to busy yourself with your toys or just simply watch what is going on around you.

Nine months is one of my favourite baby ages. You are playful. You are cuddly. You are full of personality, and starting to really cement your position as part of the family, no longer just a quiet little thing in the background of your older siblings lives.

As I’ve only been writing these updates extremely sporadically, here are some of my favourite photos of Otto taken over the last few months.


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