I don’t usually think about goals or resolutions at this time of year. But following on from a valuable year where I really did take the time to think about myself and what I needed, I’m repeating the same process this year and will see where it takes me.

I guess the word that could most sum up everything that I want and hope to achieve next year is space.

We would desperately like a literal space upgrade. Whether that comes in the form of a new house (that would be the ultimate goal but whether we will get there next year or not is still an unknown), a huge de-clutter of this house, or maybe just simply some more space in the double bed that is currently inhabited by three people.

I also crave emotional space. I can feel the little tug of the desire for a third child starting. But I’m not quite there yet. First, I want some time. A little break from the non-sleeping (I went straight from non-sleeping Arlo to non-sleeping Rory). Potentially a break from breastfeeding before starting all over again.

I need things to get a little easier and I need time to appreciate and register that things have become easier. I want to experience that time where Rory starts preschool and Arlo is at school and I have a bit of time to myself each day. I need time to focus on my creative projects before I wind up moaning that I have no time for anything again.

I need to give myself space to be ready to do this all over again.

Then there are the things that I keep putting off until we have more space. “I’ll have an ordered house when we move and have more room”. “I’ll take more pride in our home decor once we’ve moved to our proper house.” It’s just excuses really.

I keep telling myself that I will do more craft activities with the kids once we have a big enough table and the space to store things neatly away. But I’ve been telling myself that for a few years now. Soon I’ll blink and Arlo will be at an age where he doesn’t find this stuff fun any more.

We’ve already made a start on this in the last couple of weeks:

washi tape christmas cards

Washi Tape Christmas Cards as seen on Mum in the Madhouse


Designing Christmas t-shirts from BuytshirtsOnline

So, I’m going to make a small, organised craft box that isn’t buried in an inaccessible space in the cupboard under the stairs, and I am going to research some ten minute activities that don’t require a lot of space or mess.

Because it shouldn’t be “one day”. It should be now.


Our t-shirt making packs were sent to us – the boys had a great time being totally in control of the design, and having this activity planned out definitely helped ease us into the Christmas holidays! 

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