A few big things happen in October: Arlo’s birthday, our anniversary (eight years!), Halloween.

Did I use any of these as the basis for our family portrait? … Nope.

I had the best intentions to get a family photo on Arlo’s birthday, or during his party, but both events were over so quickly, before I’d even remembered my aim.

October has proved to be quite a stressful month. Our house was plagued with a tummy bug lasting three weeks all in all between various family members. So, basically, October has been one long laundry day for me. Rory’s sleep (and Arlo’s too for that matter) has taken a turn for the absolute worst this month too, and I have been hanging on to my sanity by one very worn thread.


This month’s photo was taking in the setting where we have spent the majority of our time this month –  the familiar four walls of home.

This room is the heart of our home – it’s our dining room, our entryway (the front door opens onto this room), where our fridge lives because it doesn’t fit in the kitchen, our ‘office’, and the general dumping ground for shoes, buggies, coats, car seats, etc.

I’m in my slumming  jumper (as if I have just one, ahem), everyone is looking slightly strung out, Sam is trying to get this over as quickly as possible so he can return to watching the football. This is as real as our life gets. But hey, at least we managed to accidentally colour co-ordinate our clothes again.

I included the birthday cards as a little nod to the fact that it is indeed Arlo’s birthday this month, and the hand print spider that Arlo made at preschool acts as the Halloween element of this month’s photo.

I’m sending you on to one of my favourite photography and family blogs, Ar-Blog. Click to check out what Becky, Tom, and Holly have been up to in October. And, as always, the linky is below for you to add your own family photo blog post.




  1. I absolutely LOVE the way you’ve done this Chloe. Nice work with a camera phone and in a mirror, like you say the cards and art work give the nod to what’s been going on this month, and the fact you’re at home seems apt given you’ve been there fighting off bugs most of the month. My husband is getting in a ton of GTA5 time after I go to bed too, it’s win-win in my head because I get to starfish the bed for a bit. x

  2. Boooooo to all of the illness. I hope it’s all gone for good now and nothing else comes along.
    I really love this photo. Proof that phone photos are just as good and special as those taken on a “big camera”.
    Sams beard is impressive!! x

  3. SO pleased to hear that your tummy bug drama is over! I really feel for you! Glad to hear you’ve got a new camera – what did you go for?

  4. I really love this photo Chloe, in fact it is probably one of my favourites of your Me and Mine’s. I am sorry you have all been poorly, it is tiring enough being a Mummy to two without having bugs to contend with as well. I hope their sleep recovers soon. x

  5. That’s a brilliant iPhone picture, I love the perspective! It sounds like October has been rough going so I’m glad you’re all on the mend.

  6. what a month Chloe. For one very frazzled Mummy you really pulled it out of the bag – I love how you’ve set this up :o) Glad to hear you’re all on the road to recovery from your bugs, fingers crossed you’ll be posting what a germ free, energised month November has been for you next time x

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