The last four years have been interesting, career plan-wise. Not just for me, but for Sam too. 23, fresh out of uni, just starting to test the waters with career direction and ‘what I want to be when I grow up’….and unexpectedly having your first child? That’s gonna have an effect on the whole career thing.

The last four years have been a juggle, with both of us needing to keep the balls in the air.

But Sam has a new job.

We are still struggling to get our heads around it, but it will mean no more shuffling credit cards, and living hand to mouth. It means my ball can stay in the air because I want it to, but not because I NEED it to, so the pressure is off. It means being able to save. It means Sam will most likely be away for one week every month, which I am crying inside about totally fine about, but the upsides outweigh that. It means a lot of things for our family.

It also means that we HAD to take the boys on a trip to see Dada at work before he starts his new job on the other side of London. Arlo has been talking about going to visit Dada’s office for AGES, seeing the helicopters (there is a helipad round the corner), and checking out the train route that Dada goes on every day.

I envisaged a picturesque river view for our photo, but it was hammering it down with rain, so I settled for a crappy iphone snap that may not look like much, but very much marks where we are at this point in life.

Battersea was where Sam’s flat was four years ago. Battersea was where life changed when we found out about Arlo. Battersea was where we walked along the river exclaiming “How on earth will we support a family?”, and trying to hash out a plan. And Battersea was where we chose to come back to today, at another moment of transition, to take our family photo.


This month I’m sending you to see the super talented Lucy over at Capture By Lucy. She’ll be sharing a photo of her family from this month, and sending you along to visit someone else. You can follow the circle around to see what all the hosts have been up to.

Have you taken a family photo this month? Link it up below!


  1. Oh that’s such good news. Congratulations Sam.
    We’ve been lucky twice now and job moves for Rich have come at exactly the right times for us (a job move that included a company car just as my maternity pay stopped) and then a job move with a pay increase this year just when we needed as we start to talk plans of moving. I think it’s always tough having your family young. I’d barely found a rung on the career ladder when we decided to start a family, and there are times when we have really struggled and just been so grateful that we had at least bought our home, even if it doesn’t really suit our needs anymore. But I wouldn’t have done it any differently.
    And how lovely that you took your me and mine photo in a place which has such significance for you as a family. I suspect my July photo is going to be one of those….! x

  2. Oh that’s wonderful news – congratulations Sam! And it’s lovely to take pictures somewhere that has a significance to you; it helps to cement the importance – that and it’s a fabulous picture too!

  3. Exciting times ahead! As an Army wife (currently and the foreseeable future doing only weekends as family) his week away a month will be fine. You might even enjoy eating/watching/doing the things he is not so keen on when you are on your own! 🙂

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