This month, we took the boys on a little tour of London. We ambled along Southbank, walked over the bridge towards Big Ben, through Trafalgar Square, Buckingham Palace, and St James’s Park. It was a family outing that we’d been wanting to do for some time, as we knew Arlo would love watching the buses and taxis, and seeing the landmarks.

Arlo didn’t need us to explain any of the sights to him. Trafalgar Square: “Mr Maker comes here”. Buckingham Palace: “Mr Maker comes here”. “Oh, over there, that’s where Co-Op is”…no Arlo, it’s Big Ben, not the South Norwood clock tower.

The sun was bright and our spirits were high. I really wanted a photo from that day to be our Me and Mine shot. I pictured something significantly ‘London’ in the photo – a big red bus, a phone box, or one of the landmarks. Our family in our home city. But it turns out that I happened to choose the worst possible passer by to take our photo. I still can’t stop laughing at it.


The guy was confused because there was no live-view. I don’t think he had ever used an SLR before, which, as Sam reminded me, is not the weirdest thing in the world…unless you’re me.

Our Me and Mine photo is from that day, but I had to give up on the idea of getting a London shot as I knew I’d be pushing my family’s patience. Instead, as we sat in our local coffee shop for a few refreshments after getting the train home, I clocked the late afternoon sun streaming through the big stained glass window behind us, so I quietly set up my camera on the table facing us to snap a few shots using the remote access app on my phone whilst everyone was just doing their own thing. No dramas, no gimmicks to get the kids to perform, just us sitting together having our drinks.




Techincally, they are not great. I struggle with backlit shots when using the remote. I need to practise more until I feel I have the same control as when I’m behind the camera. I probably should have spot-metered rather than guestimate my exposure compensation. But they do capture what I was going for. The mood is there, and the memory of our day in London.



 Excuse my ridiculous face. It looks like I’m posing, but I was actually in the middle of nagging Sam about camera settings – I am attempting to teach him, but I am a really bossy teacher. 

This month, I am wholeheartedly encouraging you to visit Lauren and her lovely family at The Real Housewife of Suffolk County. I love reading Lauren’s blog because she has two little boys, like me. And they’ve just bought a sail boat! We definitely need a Me and Mine boat photo, Lauren ; )

There were so many link-ups last month that I’m still working my way through commenting on them all. So great to see so many families joining in… it’s so worth it.



  1. These are gorgeous pictures! The light is amazing!! Rory is looking so grown up all of a sudden!
    I love the passer by photo!!! haha! It’s made me chuckle this morning!

  2. I’m still laughing at your first photo too. If only there were more professional photographers just wandering around who you could thrust your camera at and know you’d get a good shot. But I adore the coffee shop ones Chloe! I love the light and hope relaxed you all are. They are so natural and beautiful. x

  3. These photos are some of my favourites of yours, they are so natural and soft, beautiful. I love the story behind the first one, how funny! I am always wary of handing mine to a stranger, in case they drop it or take a crap photo! x

  4. Love your coffee shop photo, beautiful lighting… Lol I can totally relate to passer by’s taking not so good photo’s, we once asked a passer by to take a photo of us and he was looking through the gap in the built in flash, my husband and I couldn’t stop laughing…

  5. These are lovely photos – the passerby one is so funny, it looks like one my mum would take. I was wondering how people go about getting a whole family shot while out and about – setting up the tripod and everything isn’t always practical on a busy street I guess!

  6. I love your photos. The first time someone put a DSLR in my hand I didn’t know what to do either! Before I got my current DSLR, every camera I used I had to take photos using the LCD screen it’s only now that I’m learning to use the viewfinder instead.
    The London photo will be committed to memory forever due to the odd passer by. Your cafe photos may not be perfect but they capture the moment and I love them, so natural! It looks like a fab coffee shop! My Grandparent used to live in South Norwood, I spent a lot of time there as a child x

  7. Oh I love the passerby shot! We need an app that will find you someone nearby to take good pictures for you! And the cafe shots are amazing – I don’t think I could get that effect even behind the camera! More practice needed – all I need now is the sun!

  8. what lovely photos, how funny that first one have we come that age already that people cant take a photo with out a screen?long gone the disposable camera days oh dear lol 🙂

  9. The light coming through that window in the coffee shop is just stunning. I love the warm blur to it. Shame about the London sights one but I think this probably captures your family better than anything doesn’t it?

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