There was so much scope for festive family photos in December, but I knew I wanted the shot to be taken during the actual celebrations. I didn’t have a particular plan for our photo, I just knew that there would be plenty of opportunity with lots of family members around – now that I’m well in the habit of getting at least one family shot each month, it shouldn’t be a problem to throw my camera to a member of the extended family for a quick shot.

The final shot was massively impromptu, as I didn’t realise we would have these festive socks until about 15 minutes before this photo was taken (they were a present from my sister). As usual, it was a pain in the arse to take – Arlo didn’t want to sit down, the dog wanted to sit with us for the photo (which was fine, until he got up and blocked the whole shot), and no one particularly wanted to take the photo (apart from me). But I love how it shows the children’s teeny feet sizes in comparison to our grown-up feet, and I have a feeling that it will become one of those “Oooh, look how small they once were!” type of photos.

This month, I am sending you on to Capture By Lucy, who always captures the most fun, real-life moments and milestones from her family’s life. And have I mentioned her amazing styling skills before? (Yes I have, but you need to check it out).

I started doing this family portrait project back in January, and now we have reached the end of 2013, I’m so pleased to have a whole year of family photos to look back on. In that time, we have all grown a year older, and our family has grown by one, which has been an amazing thing to record in a series of family photos.

























There’s no way I could stop taking these family photos now. It has become second nature. And it has become more and more worthwhile as the photo collection increases month on month. Despite the grumbles from my family every . single . month . I think we will all come to appreciate these photos at some point in our lives. And so, I am very happy to be continuing with the Me and Mine project in 2014.

It’s been really fun joining in with the other Me and Mine bloggers, checking in each month to see what everyone’s been up to, and watching the linky grow over the months. There’s a real sense of community surrounding this project, just watch this wonderful video made by Lucy to see what I mean.

Looking for a new blogging challenge to undertake in the new year? January is the perfect time to start joining in with Me and Mine.





(Taken in Arlo’s room with horrible side-window light, neither child in a co-operative mood… but funny all the same). 



  1. Love love LOVE!!!! Love your shot and the chrismas hat ones too.
    I feel the same about Me and Mine, I couldn’t stop now!!! Even if you’d all wanted to call it a day after this year if have carried on, because as the collection grows it gets kind of additive. We get lots of moaning every month (one particular person more than most *cough cough RICH cough cough*) but we all already love looking back through them.

  2. Love them ALL!!
    I’m so glad you are continuing next year, I love looking at your photos and I Look forward to seeing how much Arlo and Rory change and grow. xx

  3. That’s brilliant – I love the shot of your feet, although to be honest I love all of your pictures from the past year, they’re just gorgeous!

  4. Great photos – as always! And I spy that the phone control of your new camera was in operation in at least one of these pics 😉

    It’s lovely to see your whole year of photos in one place. I’m sad that I missed a few months of Me and Mine and am resolving to do better next year.

    Wishing you and yours a great 2014!

  5. Oh what a lovely selection of photo’s!! The video is great, I’m so excited to be taking part in this project this year, I’m already looking forward to looking back at them all in December 🙂

  6. Your photographs are brilliant! I think December is one of my favourites! Really looking forward to seeing how Rory and Arlo grow next year.

  7. Ohhh Chloe, these PICTURES. I love them. I’ve literally scrolled through gasping. Do you have a little coffee table book of these? You should.

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