With a toddler who won’t sit still or look at the camera if it’s on self-timer and there’s no one behind it to distract him, and a preschooler going through a big “NO PHOTOS” phase, I opted for the lazy option this month, by just letting the camera roll and selecting a still from a recording.



It was just FAR easier than trying to wrangle everyone into a specific ‘shot’, and the kids weren’t even aware that they were on camera.

This was taken during our trip to Morden Hall Park. Of course, as it’s a still from a video recording, it will be of too poor quality to print, but the upshot of not waiting for that shutter click  is that it created a completely natural, unforced image.

Taken on the very last day of the month at a family gathering at my Uncle’s house, I also have this photo to share: photo (2)

Yep, we did that thing where you recreate a photo from the past. A few people are absent, and we’ve gained a few new members, but everything else is the same (just 15 years older!)


This month I’m sending you to see Lauren over at her awesome blog, Real Housewife of Suffolk County. She’ll be sharing a photo of her family from this month, and sending you along to visit someone else. You can follow the circle around to see what all the hosts have been up to.

Have you taken a family photo this month? Link it up below!



  1. Ah feel your pain, it’s a night mare trying to get Luke to look at the camera these days, although if I can “Cheeeeeeese” for long enough it just about holds his attention. Lovely photo’s and love the group recreation 🙂

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