We are now a family of four! I was getting worried that he or she wouldn’t show up until right at the end of the month, leaving me with no time to get a Me and Mine shot. But in the end, he arrived with enough time to spare.

I had actually planned out a much better setting for this month’s photo, but the only results of that session were a misbehaving camera remote, a baby who did not want to be placed where I wanted him, and a distinct feeling that I was trying to do too much at 5 days postpartum.

Eventually, I figured out that the problem with the remote was due to low battery. I’ve had to order a new one so this month’s photos have been taken with the less easy self-timer function, which involved a lot of running back and forth and yielded less photos to choose from.



Nappy hats! (Our lives are basically one big nappy rotation at the moment).

Rory is six days old here. I think the photos give a good idea of our suitably knackered state as new parents to two. No effort whatsoever was made for these photos (apart from me getting out of my pyjamas, which has been unheard of this week). I’ve actually been enjoying a little break from the camera this week whilst I enjoy my newborn, but I’m sure I’ll be itching to take some ‘proper’ photos of Rory soon enough.

This month, I’m sending you on to the originator of the Me and Mine idea – Lucy at Dear Beautiful. Lucy’s blog is full of beautiful photos and words about her beautiful boy and girl, her blog is always a lovely read. Click to see what her family have been up to this month.

And here’s the linky below for anyone who has a family photo they’d like to share – can’t wait to see them!





  1. So so pleased to see that everything has gone so well and you’re all settling in perfectly. What a happy looking family!

  2. These are great. I genuinely think you could have done anything this month and we would have all loved them anyway, but these are gorgeous. You can already see the relationships between you all in these photos and you all have that “we’re tired but so, so happy” look that people get with a new baby.
    And I love the nappy hat one!!! That really made me smile. x

  3. Congratulations again! 🙂 It’s so lovely to see you as a family of 4! I remember the pyjama days well. Love the nappy photo! Think it sums up life with a newborn! 🙂 x

  4. Gorgeous photos! Everyone looks so happy and you did amazing to get out of pyjamas to take them! X

  5. These are WONDERFUL Chloe, in fact they brought a tear to my eye seeing them. Just seeing the new addition to your family and how you have gone from a 3 to a 4. I remember thinking that was so special when I looked at our January to February photos.
    Welcome to the world and the family Rory. Love them all. x

  6. Lovely pics of you all as a new family of four and big congratulations too – so wonderful to see little Rory safe and sound in the world and in your arms. Hope you’re all doing well xxx

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